Readers should also study the page data sheet that covers the devices,. Microchip code DSA (see later). The following EPE subject material is. Note: The datasheet of PIC16FA Microcontroller and more detailed Features can be found at the bottom of this page. (Consult Sections of the 16F87x Data Sheet and of the Midrange Reference Manual for more detail.) Inside the 16F87x’s PWM module, the period is.

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WLoader – a 16f877 application loader

The loader interface hardware can be part of the final circuit, and the loader interface pin 16f887x be shared with its operational function, but some attention must paid to its use: I tested 20 and 10 MHz xtals at the WBus default baudrate of 19k2. The pseudo RS interface circuit is self-echoing: This is the programming method common to all PIC chips. Note that conform good practice both sets of power pins of the 16F are connected.

Loading the WLoader firmware disables it, so B3 is freed for use by the application.

Hence the loading will not be hindered by the configuration fuses in the hex file, and a copy can be made of the application and configuration fuses and this copy can be downloaded using either the loader or a normal programmer. The right side or the circuit is the same 16F target circuit as used with the MAX Don’t ask me for help. For program memory the higer two bits are set to 0. Note that you must use the correct version because the two version use different polarity of the RS signal.

The loader disables the analoge functions of port A to make it possible to use the port A pins as digital inputs.


PIC16FA: Introduction, Pin Diagram, Pin Description, Features & Datasheet

The wisp tool will notice that it communicates with the WLoader firmware, so it sets the default target to 16f When nothing is connected to the RS connector R1 keeps the 16f input high, which causes the loader to start the application when a reset occurs. For the data memory the higher 8 bits a and b are ignored. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The write time is controlled by an on-chip timer.

The remote reset circuit can be omitted when the target circuit already has a manual reset pushbutton datasbeetbut it is very convenient to be dstasheet to reset the target and hence activate WLoader from the PC.

Previous post Next post. When the target circuit must be kept as simple as possible the real or el-cheapo RS interface, and the remote reset circuit can be put in a download dongle.

It does not actually perform the write, but does verify against the stored value, or in case of the configuration fuses word, against a copy of the actual fuses value. The current version A production system could just provide the relevant signals on a 2×4 pin header, and rely on a download dongle that contains the remote reset and the RS circuitry. Luckily most compilers are not that clever. Instead, it is indirectly addressed through the Special Function Registers.

The protocol adheres to the WBus definition, but the WLoader is always in active mode after a reset of the 16F, so it does not support multiple devices on the same bus.

The figure below shows the program memory map and stack.

The send-receive combiner is just R3. The final W is echoed dayasheet W when the programming is succesfull. WLoader is designed for and tested with the 16f only, but it should be useable with other 16f87x chips when some modifications are made: When a PC is connected the input is low the RS idle level is negative and the loader will wait for instructions from the PC.


T Type The datqsheet name WLdr is copied to the communication buffer. The block diagram shows the taget circuit as far as relevant for WLoader. Besides the standard WBus-defined commands the WLoader firmware implements a number of specific commands which are described in the next table, together with the WLoader-specific aspects of the WBus-defined commands.

You may also like: When no Datashewt or download dongle is connected a resistor forces the interface pin to the opposite polarity of what it would be with the PC etc. The Wisp PC command-line tool can be used to download the application code, to verify the downloading, to start the application program, and provides a simple TTY interface that can be datadheet to communicate with the application.

LVP claims pin B3 as enable pin. The current location is set to the first location of the configuration memory.

The 33k reset pull-up and a LED for power indication can be disabled by pulling two pin header jumpers for low-current tests. The pro’s and con’s of the three loading methods are summarized below. Before the application is started port A is put back in its power-on state analog functions enabled, port A pins can not be used as digital inputs. This discription mentions only the aspects that are specific to WLoader.

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