Acerba animi IntraText: full text, concordances and frequency lists. Last week Pius XI ceased to bide, uttered a sharp protest in the stately, tremulous latinity of a Papal encyclical headed Acerba animi (“bitterness of soul”). ACERBA ANIMI: ON THE CHURCH AND MEXICO. [Pope Pius XI.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In several dioceses neither churches nor seminaries, Bishops’ residences, nor other sacred edifices, were restored; notwithstanding explicit promises, priests and laymen who had steadfastly defended the faith were abandoned to the cruel vengeance of their adversaries. Let them not neglect to have recourse to the Sacraments, sources of grace and ahimi let them instruct themselves in the truths of religion; let them implore mercy from God on their unhappy nation, and let them make it both a duty acerbba an honour to cooperate with the apostolate of the priesthood in the ranks of Catholic Action.

Religion: Acerba Animi

Here it seems just to pay a special tribute of praise to those Mexican Bishops who, according to advices received, have wisely interpreted the instructions We have inculcated time and again. El Salvador Four U. Roman Catholic-related lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. To Our great distress We saw that not merely were all the Bishops not recalled from exile, but that others were expelled qcerba even the semblance of legality.

Religion: Acerba Animi – TIME

Josaphat Kuntsevych 12 November 5. It was one of three encyclicals concerning Mexico, including Acerba animi and Firmissimam Constantiamque As a remedy the letter especially urged that “the priests with their proved ainmi of abnegation render ever more intense their sacred ministry, particularly among the young and the common people, striving to carry on a ainmi of persuasion and of charity especially among the enemies of the Church, who combat her because they do not know her.

Byzantine Empire East—West Schism. Pictures of Acerba animi. At the same time We exhort them earnestly in the Lord to continue to defend the sacred rights of the Church with that generous abnegation of which they have given such a splendid example, always following the norms laid down by this Apostolic See. Persecution of Christians Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

To this We wish to call attention; for if some persons, urged rather by zeal for the defence of their own faith than by the prudence so necessary in delicate situations, may from diverse conduct in diverse circumstances have imagined contradictory judgments on the part of the Bishops, let them now be certain that such an accusation is utterly unfounded.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To these are added the precautions of the priest himself, who, although already appointed to the sacred ministry by his own Bishop, is obliged to ask the Government for the possibility of holding divine service; and, far from approving the law that unjustly imposes such a request, submits to it materially, as the saying is, and only in order to remove an obstacle to the exercise of the sacred ministry: In the face of the firm and generous resistance of the oppressed, the Government now began to give indications in various ways that it would not be averse to coming to an agreement, if only to put an end to a condition of affairs which it could not turn to its own advantage.

In fact, the priest finds himself compelled to ask for that permission without which it would be impossible for him to exercise his sacred ministry for the good of souls; it is an imposition to which he is forced to submit in order to avoid a greater evil.

Retrieved from ” https: And that the grace wnimi God may ever assist you and His Mercy support you, with all paternal affection, We impart to you and to Our beloved sons so sorely tried, the Apostolic Benediction.

Add to this that not only is religious instruction forbidden in the primary schools, but not infrequently attempts are made to induce those whose duty it is to educate the future generations, to become purveyors of irreligious and immoral teachings, thus obliging the parents to make heavy sacrifices in order to safeguard the innocence of their children.

Acerba animi

Such is the certain and safe doctrine of the Church. Such an erroneous opinion and conduct might lead to a total suspension of public worship, and would, without doubt, inflict grievous harm on the entire flock of the faithful. In much the same manner the faithful and the sacred ministers of the early Church, as history relates, sought permission, by means of gifts even, to visit and comfort the martyrs detained in prison and to administer the Sacraments to them; yet surely no one could have thought that by so doing ani,i in snimi way approved or justified the conduct of the persecutors.

In truth, the danger of formal cooperation, or of any approval whatever of the present law, is removed, as far as is necessary, by the protests energetically expressed by this Apostolic See, by the whole Episcopate and the people of Mexico.


Pius XI issued 31 papal encyclicals during his reign as pope and was considering one at his death. Thus the Mexican Constitution, as We have several times deplored, while proclaiming liberty of thought and conscience, prescribes with the most evident contradiction that each State of the Federal Republic must determine the number of priests to whom the exercise of the sacred ministry is allowed, not only acerna public churches, but even within private dwellings.

Acerba animi – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Member feedback about Pope Pius XI: Thus the Mexican Constitution, as We have several times deplored, while proclaiming liberty of thought and conscience, prescribes with the most evident contradiction that each State of the Federal Republic must determine the number of priests to whom the exercise of the sacred ministry is allowed, not only in public churches, but even within private dwellings.

We wish to tell you that We feel all the more closely united to you, in proportion to the hardships you are meeting with in your apostolic ministry.

This is undoubtedly a difficult undertaking in its first stages, and especially in the present circumstances-an undertaking slow at times in producing the desired effects, but necessary and much more efficacious than any other means, as is abundantly proved by the experience of every nation that has been tried in the crucible of religious persecution.

We say all, even those that appeared to counsel a return to a severer line of conduct, with the total suspension of public worship throughout the Republic, as in It was the second of three encyclicals concerning persecution in Mexicoincluding Iniquis afflictisque and Firmissimam constantiamque To Our beloved Mexican sons We recommend with all Our heart the closest union with the Church and the Hierarchy, manifesting it by their docility to her teachings and directions.

In view of these unjust and intolerant injunctions, which would have subjected the Church in Mexico to the despotism of the State and of the Government hostile to the Catholic religion, you determined, Venerable Brethren, to suspend public worship, and at the same time called on the faithful to make efficacious protest against the unjust procedure of the Government.

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