January 11, – Siemens Healthcare announced that the version of the Acuson SC volume imaging ultrasound system has received (k). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Siemens Healthcare’s new Prime edition of its Acuson SC premium. Siemens Healthineers – ACUSON SC PRIME. Mode: 2D, volume B-mode, M -mode with Native tissue harmonic imaging (THI), color Doppler (CDV, DTV.

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January 11, — Siemens Healthcare announced that the 2.

This latest version of the Acuson SC system elevates volume imaging in echocardiography, delivering significant performance and imaging enhancements to improve workflow and patient outcomes. This quantification enables the clinician to eliminate the current practice of 2-D PISA assumptions and improve measurement accuracy by using volumetric color analysis for valvular regurgitation, which affects millions of people worldwide.

The examination can be performed on almost all valvular disease patients and delivers in seconds more accurate and effective regurgitant orifice area EROA measurements than previously possible, resulting in a faster, more confident diagnosis. Also featured on release 2.

Cardiovascular Ultrasound | ACUSON SC Ultrasound System – Siemens Healthineers Belgium

Reduced exam time with automated left ventricle assessment The Acuson SC system features eSie LVA volume LV analysis, an automated volume quantitative analysis package designed for left ventricle assessment. This application enables the clinician to detect and track volume contours in one step, reducing exam times and improving consistency.


Unlike stitched imaging technology that excludes arrhythmia patients, eSie LVA analysis can be used with all patient types because the Acuson SC system captures the entire heart in one beat, eliminating geometric assumptions. The latest version of the Acuson SC system also integrates intracardiac echocardiography applications.

Siemens Shows New ACUSON SC With Nonstitched, Full-Volume Images in One Heartbeat | DAIC

With the Acuson AcuNav advanced technology, electrophysiologists and interventional cardiologists can obtain critically important ultrasound images from within the heart in real time, enabling them to perform complex procedures with greater precision and acuxon. Improving patient outcomes with real-time full-volume cardiac imaging Offering these and other innovations, the Acuson SC system marks is the first ultrasound system that enables the production of real-time, full-volume cardiac images in one heart cycle.

This capability eliminates the need for electrocardiogram ECG gating or stitching, which improves image accuracy. With a processing speed that is 16 times faster than a premium ultrasound system, the Acuson SC system delivers vastly more diagnostic information than conventional 3-D imaging methods, allowing for wider patient access.


ACUSON SC2000 PRIME Ultrasound System

Integrated into a routine ECG exam, the Acuson SC system offers new workflow pathways to improve diagnostic confidence and efficiency. Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: Digital Radiography Technology Report: Greg Freiherr Events About. Technology January 11, News Ultrasound Imaging December 20, News Ultrasound Women’s Health December 20, Seno Medical Instruments Inc.

Seno Medical reported results of a study demonstrating that morphologic and functional News Cardiovascular Ultrasound December 07, Technology Artificial Intelligence December 05, GE Healthcare recently announced new applications and smart devices built on Edison — a platform that helps accelerate Technology Ultrasound Women’s Health December 03, Videos Sc2000 Imaging Acusoh 28, News Ultrasound Imaging November 21, Clarius Mobile Health will announce a new collective intelligence ultrasound platform at this year’s Radiological News Ultrasound Imaging November 20, Civco Medical Causon will present Envision, the next generation of ultrasound probe covers and scan pads, at the News Cardiovascular Ultrasound November 19,

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