Details zu Advanced Heroquest Dungeon Tiles Mix 1. Advanced Heroquest New Dungeon Tiles Dungeon Tiles, Game Boards, Board Games, Jumping Jacks. Visit . Hero Quest Tiles by Panperkin on deviantArt. The nature of this copyright violation is scanned tiles, cards and books from boardgame Advanced HeroQuest, with its expansion, released in the middle 90′ ies.

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I’ve also included some colored versions of these templates, meant to suggest some ivy-choked ruin, with the help of Painter Classic – though at 72dpi instead of dpi, so as to keep the file sizes down.

Heroques original Advanced Heroquest tiles are already quite small and the round model-bases overlap as is. Friday, January 24, Creating Heroes!


They took me several nights of work, which was admittedly longer than I had intended, but in the end it’s still a quick and dirty paint job. Advanced Heroquest is not an easy hroquest to find but I’d say it’s well worth it if you do.

And as I’ve said elsewhere the core system is so easily customizable – you could, without any effort really, use the tiles from other games such as Warhammer Quest, Pathfinder, etc, or even some of the great 3D dungeon tiles.

This first step goes over how I create the splash images for the floor of my Dungeon Tiles. At this point you could stop, and still advajced a decent looking tile; advancfd I prefer to tweak them a little bit using Gimp see The Tools below or Photoshop.


In that case Luke the GM should just step in and make the call Do you keep moving them? It has a great aesthetic and unfortunately i can’t get ‘letter’ sized paper in my part of the world.

They were fired-up to encounter some monsters and new rooms but kept rolling corridor after corridor. Part 1 Floor Images. Is there some way of advancfd this matter, because I really would like to look at these elements somehow, and incorporate them into the copy of the game I own. Tristan M December 12, at Ade Broon October 12, at It might take more time for you to download only one file at a time, but it will also not force me to ditch this website.

I assume the latter has some changes?

Old Scratch’s HeroQuest Forum – Advanced Heroquest, New Tile Sets

Keep in mind, this is the floor of a dungeon haha! It’s a nice variation from the original. Tuesday, March 17, Slev’s Advanced Heroquest site! Expansion – Terrors in the Dark 2. Part 3 Adding Image to Floor. I can honestly say this is one of the best custom board I’ve ever seen.

Here you can “Bucket Fill” a different color if you like, I’ll make it red: Advertisements by Advertisement Management. Part 2 Creating Basic Tile.

Ye Olde Inn

Access Your Inner Light March 21, at Gunz Rod November 20, at Posted by Gunz Rod at 3: Been playing Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest since the early 90’s. I really cannot recommend a vinyl board enough.

We would have loved to print all these. You just have a lot more options now than you did before.

Hi, just tried to download and dropbox is throwing up errors, please can you fix. Here is the Dungeon builder There are plenty of ways to get this done – here is mine: If you advanfed all JPG’s and slam them together with clips, they will form a real book. You can get WinRAR 3 here: Tremors of the Warp Test What’s to stop a Wizard from casting unlimited spells during Exploration turns?


My photography skills are quite poor clearly hetoquest here they are: Unknown January 8, at 5: They’re not bargains to print, but they are reasonable, especially if you have several print since you can save on shipping. To be used, theese files require an original purchased product by Games Workshop.

Hey can you email me? Monday, November 18, The first batch of Bad guys – Skaven!

Not a ton of progress but I’ve got a handful of good guys primed and did base-coating work on the Bright Wizard. If you are making your own tiles a good reference point is 64 pixels per square-tile.

Not much of cours, but i’ll add them in some corners for variation. Would it be possible to create A4 versions of these documents?

Now we will add the Splash Image to the Dungeon Tile floor and just tweak it a little bit so it looks like it belongs there!

I should have also included my custom tiles and the miniatures in this photo but I guess I’ll leave that for another day.

Gunz Rod November 21, at All theese files will need WinRAR 3 to extract.

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