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Table of Contents Page: In the “Set Switch-off Time” mode, the coffee quantity indicator is illumi- nated, which now acts as the switch- off time indicator. The vafamosa flows out into the drip tray. Press the latching lever down to the stop Fig. In the coffee-making process, the ground coffee is first of all wetted with a small quantity of water for prebrewing. Risk of injury from the spin- ning grinder.

Set the Selection dial for steam and hot water Fig. Refit the service cover and push the grounds container back in place. Do not exceed the maximum fill level of 1.

Sie werden jedesmal daran erinnert, indem die Anzeige nach dem Abschalten noch ca. Remove coffee bean residue from the grinder — Coffee bean residue is jammed in the bean container lock. The bottom opening of the bean container must be closed Fig. The noises this creates are completely normal. Faulty repairs can result in considerable hazard to the user. No pink bands or one pink band: Make sure that no foreign bod- ies, such as stones, enter the coffee bean container.

This provision also applies if the cleaning and des- caling programs are not run in accor- dance with the instructions in this manual, immediately after illumina- tion of the “Clean” key Fig.

  ASTM D1652 PDF

Keep childeren at a safe distance! Dies kann den ersten Kaffee beeinflussen. Damage caused by foreign bodies in the grinder is excluded from the guarantee.

After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder. Keep the manual in a safe place for later reference, and pass it on to any new owner.

Hardness 1, soft up to 1. The following flashing sequence corresponds to 1, cups. Use only roast bedienungsahleitung beans! Activate the steam nozzle only when you are holding a container under the nozzle. In the “Set Coffee Tem- perature” mode, the coffee quantity indicator is illuminated, which now acts as the coffee temperature indica- tor. The standing times are used to allow the cleaning tablet to penetrate. Danger of scalding when the steam nozzle is activated!

Entkalkungsphase mit 12 Zyklen sowie Phase 2: The indicator light now goes out. The three red elements are used for latch- ing and unlatching.

AEG-Electrolux Cafamosa CF manual

Repairs to electrical appliances must be carried out only by qualified service engineers. Use only roast coffee beans! Your new cup measure is now saved. If your coffee machine is to be left unused for some time e. Fine grade for intensive taste Medium grade for normal taste Coarse grade for mild coffee Remove foreign bodies from the grinder Foreign bodies, such as small stones, in the grinder bedieenungsanleitung damage the grinder.


AEG CaFamosa CF 85

If this file was helpful. The coffee machine is now ready to use. Failure to do this invalidates the guarantee. It should be cleaned before you start the cleaning program.

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As a result, less bitterness is released from the ground coffee— bedienungsanleitunt espresso- coffee that much milder! Grinding, portioning, pressing, pre-brewing, brewing, ejection of the coffee grounds. Failure to do this invalidates the guar- antee. We advise you to place the coffee machine on a suitable mat to prevent damage being caused by spray and splashes.

The coffee grounds make excellent composting material.

AEG CaFamosa CF 220

Keep the selection dial opened until the pump switches off and flushing water stops running out of the nozzle. When bedienungsnaleitung indicator is on, coffee making is not possible or, if started, is interrupted.

Notes on changing the grinder setting can be found in ,Setting the Grinding Texture” Page Dies kann schwerste Verletzungen verursachen. This is signalled by the “Fill water tank” indi- cator Fig. This can be done at bediennugsanleitung time, but must be done when the red Drip tray float Fig. Now individual indicator lights start to flash in sequence, showing the number of cups made:

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