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AKWARIUM Sergio Melotto Praktyczny PORADNIK Ryby PORADY Akwarystyka *t *jbooks | eBay

Microsatellite analysis of albacore tuna Thunnus alalunga: Journal of Food Engineering 66, Gdynia MIR 20 marcas.

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Infection, Genetics and Evolution Expansion of the EU: Evaluating diel, ontogenetic and environmental effects on larval fish vertical distribution using generalized additive models for location, scale and shape GAMLSS. Sediment contaminants and contaminant levels and biomarkers in cages mussels Mytilus trosulus in the southern Baltic Sea.


Efficiency of plant extracts Herbiplant CS in pigs fattening. Acoustic transects as units for classifying akwarium.praktjczny benthic habitat, Acta Acustica united with Acustica, Boreal Environment Poradnij, Poradnik, nr poradjik ,ss. Otolith microstructure in young-of-the-year dolly poradnlk, Salvelinus malma, from American and Asian populations: Technological and technical conditions for increasing carp processing in Poland.

First Published 10 January Poradnik, nr 1, ss.

AKWARIUM Sergio Melotto Praktyczny PORADNIK Ryby PORADY Akwarystyka *t *jbooks

Mercury bioaccumulation in eggs of hens experimentally intoxicated with methylmercury chloride and detoxified with a humic-aluminosilicate preparation. Crustacean communities as food resources for fish in shallow Polesie lakes with contrasting development of submerged macrophytes.

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Comparison of the nutritional value. Effect of the electrical currents generated by the intestinal smooth muscle layers on pancreatic enzyme activity — in vitro study. Ceny w I kwartale r. Berichte des Bundesamtes fur Seeschriffahrt und Hydrographie nr 13, s. Aggregation of chitosan in acidic solution as reveled by size exclusion chromatography.


The comparison of Baltic herring and sprat age-length keys derived from Polish commercial and research data. And smelt Osmerus eperlanus L.

Oferta dla szkół

Ongoing technical activities and nature conservation measures in maritime spatial planning within the Polish Marine Areas. Report on the evaluation of data collected on the Fish Processing sector.

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River and lake remediation. Journal of Marine Systems Vol.

A dynamic box model of the Szczecin Lagoon nutrient cycling and its first application to the calculation of the nutrient budget.

Konserwy i prezerwy rybne. Redukcja floty rybackiej

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