Al hisnul hasin-a comprehensive collection of masnoon duas by allamah muhammad al-jazri. Upcoming. Hisnul Haseen is a comprehensive collection of authentic prayers and ahadith related to zikr and dua. It was written around Hijri at a time when Damascus. Al-hisnul Hasin – a Comprehensive Collection of Masnoon Duas By Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-jazri [Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-Jazri] on Amazon. com.

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O People of the Book! Whoso learns them and recites them will surely enter Jannah. Whatever Your bondsmen have said and all of us are Your bondsmen the truest is that none can hinder what You please to bestow and none can bestow what You please to hin- der, and the riches of the rich can do no good to them.

Al Hisnul Haseen

I am alive through Your help and I turn towards You. Certainly I am amongst the wrongdoers. When Greeting a Jew hxsin a Christian I beg of You as all praises are due to You alone; there is none worthy of worship except You; You are One without partner.

You are The Knower of all that is hidden.

When Seeing a Muslim Happy and Laughing So now forgive all my sins as no one other than You 59 can forgive sins and do accept my repentance as You are Oft- Returning and Ever-Merciful. Some say it falls between the time when the Imaam gets up for Hisnu and the completion of the Salaah. When Nearing the Camp of the Enemy When a Certain Blessing of Allah is Witnessed Whoever hadin with 25 saffron or by the mere action of ones finger tills Attribute of Allah on four hwsin of bread or roti dally for 4 consecutive days and eats them, such a person will be safeguarded against hunger, thirst, injuries, pain etc insha-AUah.


And for Him is all praise in the heavens and on earth after sunset and at noon.

Al Hisnul Haseen – IslamQA

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? I seek Your protection against the consequences of my wrongdoings. Allah, Lord of Jibreel, Mika ‘eel and Israfeel, Creator of the heavens and earth, A of the visible and unseen, You will certainly judge between Your servants on the Day of Qiyaamah in the matter on which they differ today.

And I seek protection with You from You. Allah will grant you barakah. Meanings are the same. In the Plain of Arafah Many Ulama including Shaikh Imdaad Al-Maqdasi have con- firmed the assured acceptance of Dua between the two names of Allah jasin the above verse. None is worthy of worship except Allah alone; He has no part- ner; to Him belongs the kingdom; and to Him is due all praise; He has power over ail things.

Pure is the Master of sovereignty, majesty, greatness and excel- lence. None Is worthy of worship except Allah.


Before getting into bed the bed should be cleaned thrice with the corner of a turban or any cloth. Do not seize us for what we forgot or for our errors and do not burden us with such heavy duties as had been placed on peoples who preceeded us; our Lord!

IB When it rains. hasn

When Joining or Leaving an Assembly So life and death are both dedicated to you. So grant us the payment of debts and freedom from poverty.

Al-hisnul Hasin

Surah Mazzammil must also be recited after this. Share your thoughts with other customers. All praise is due to Allah who removed from me what was injur- ious and restored to me soundness.

O Allah, if, in Your knowledge, this matter be good for my faith Deenmy livelihood and the consequences of my affairs in the world and the hereafter then ordain it for me and make it easy hismul me and bless me therein.

Duas to be Recited in the Morning and Evening 44 We together with the entire universe have spent the morning for the devotion of Allah.

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