original description (ofAlburnus maculatus Kessler, ) Kessler, K.T. (). Über die nordwestlichen Küsten des schwarzen Meeres und. Taxonomic Notes: Previously Alburnoides rossicus was a subspecies of Alburnoides bipunctatus but it was raised to species level by Bogutskaya and Coad. Microhabitat use in the endangered cyprinid species spirlin Alburnoides bipunctatus and accompanying species was examined in three water.

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The webpage text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4. Alburnoides bipunctatus Bloch, Cyprinus bipunctatus Bloch, Abramis bipunctatus Bloch, Alburnoides bipunctatus armeniensis Dadikyan, Alburnoides bipunctatus eichwaldi De Filippi, alburnoidws Alburnoides bipunctatus fasciatus Nordman, Alburnoides bipunctatus ohridanus Karaman, Alburnoides bipunctatus rossicus Berg, Alburnoides bipunctatus rossicus natio kubanicus Berg, synonym.

Alburnoides bipunctatus smyrnaea Pellegrin, Alburnoides bipunctatus strymonicus Chichkoff, Alburnoides bipunctatus thessalicus Stephanidis, Alburnoides bipunctatus tzanevi Chichkoff, synonym. Alburnus bipunctatus Bloch, Alburnus bipunctatus eichwaldi De Filippi, Alburnus bipunctatus ohridanus Karaman, Alburnus bipunctatus prespensis Karaman, Alburnus maculatus Kessler, synonym. Aspius bipunctatus Bloch, Aspius fasciatus Nordmann, Cyprinus annoni Walbaum, Cyprinus bipunctatus Bloch, basionym. Cyprinus blockii Nau, synonym.


Cyprinus punctatus Shaw, Cyprinus riemling Hermann, Cyprinus tinca nota Walbaum, Cyprinus tinca notha Walbaum, synonym. Leuciscus baldneri Valenciennes, Leuciscus bipunctatus Bloch, bipuncttaus Spirlinus bipunctatus Bloch, Connect with us ‘.

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