Alternity all Book “The Externals” by William W. Connors and Steven Schend. Alternity is a Science-Fiction “Role Playing Game” featuring Dark Matter (modern . Index of /~akclark/Alternity/ Aug Alternity – Star Drive – The Aug Alternity. Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents.

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Their most common roles within the Exeat are as altrenity and information gatherers of other gardhyi, paired up with a rogue to ensure they do not get captured.

Star Drive

However, while they show no gross physical differences from the fraal, this species shows a greater propensity toward psionic power and less physical acuity. Of all the species they have enslaved, they have never encountered anything remotely resembling themselves.

A tree can be programmed to grow small chitinous weapons and weapons components for larger weapons of various shapes and alterntiy, thus allowing one method to create weapons for klick hands as well as those more suited for kroath or gardhyi hands.

While Kadar truly leads the Exeat, more agents of many External species personally answer to Vurhyr due to the long-term mission given them. Unlike the kroath conversion process, a magus must be grown in a laboratory alternjty in vats of the viral nanite suspension, but they can be programmed and modified during the process, creating any variety of forms or weapons or features on them and not necessarily of the same form as the host.

Friendships are for life, as are hatreds. This externas constitutes an early windfall for the Verge Alliance, but by itself is insufficient to do more than fight a delaying action against the Externals. Additional Ru-Matek and officers as needed minimum of two per each orj-arami.

Items grow at least as quickly as they might be manufactured technologically. Species Hierarchy among the Exeat 11 Rounded boxes are technologies or weapons, not allies.

Alternity – Star Drive – The Externals – PDF Free Download

Thus, much of their clothing and building provides wideopen spaces for them to stretch their wings. This species evolved on a dune-filled desert planet with the life centered underground or on oasis plateaus, though once they gained technology, the isolated city-state oases warred on one another for meager resources. Other commands could be a naval fleet or a high church office Mirnak Mirnakan Continental ruler or controller of an orbital station or platform.


More than three thousand years ago, a fearsome species, long imprisoned among unknown dimensions, awoke as a result of some unknown psionic or interstellar event. While the sifarv and bareem and kadarans had greater technologies and space flight, they could not easily fight the overwhelming psionic powers of the thaal or the religious fervor of the Ahjaarl natives.

Star Drive Campaign Setting. Ancient experiments in genetic manipulation mutated the original kadaran species into a durable and functional yet deviant subspecies of themselves.

They must be purchased separately if a character knows of human or other technologies. Like the Thuldans, many hold both noble titles and military ranks, though not necessarily. Even so, many among the Austrins, Thuldans, Nariac, and Insight are intensely curious about kadaran biotech, and some might even be so moved to shelter a kadaran and its technology secrets for advancing their positions after the war. Each subordinate subset is repeated under each rank unless noted otherwise.

Eventually, internal revolts and problems among the gardh monarchy and their robotic servants created a schism that split them off from their stellar mentors. One tactic noted by those escaping the hunts unleashed on Penates mentioned two sifarv flying close to ground level, slim metal filament chains held between them that decapitated any foolish enough to intercept them.

These leaders began planning a full military invasion of the Verge.

Alternity – Star Drive – The Externals

Among themselves, bareem organize themselves in loose clan structures, their elders directing and overseeing the lives and welfare of their clans. The asteroid belt also provides a wide range of resources for normal sifarv ship building, which takes place either on major planetoid bodies within the exrernals or in their orbital shipyards around Fhare see below.

The gardhyi seem immortal, although they can die of wounds and disease. All External alyernity dissolves and decays soon after separation from its wielders. Kroath actually think of each individual body as a large ship to them, while a kroath ship to them is a whole community of kroath merged together for the purpose of space travel.


Kroath are all totally mute, as their solidly sealed armor prevents much communication.

The claws are rudimentary and incapable of causing any more of a scratch than a human fingernail. The League members consist of these species, in order of age and political weight in the League: They hand down mythology—slightly tailored over the past centuries to account for the sifarv and thaal religions—to their children through storytelling.

The military is more important to Kadar, and thus there is slightly more power placed in military hands at least enough to ignore noble orders of up to two ranks above military.

Below are extetnals possibilities that could be formed from rumors: Its altrrnity ruthlessness and cunning far exceed that of any living creature. Sennet is one of few relatives among the gardhyi, but the two share a distinctive birthmark—a black stripe across their collarbones—proving he is of Lhor blood. They separated themselves in both spirit and identity from their scientific castes by renaming themselves thaal, and remained planetbound for the next centuries, building their religion around mysterious white crystal ziggurats on their planet and one of their moons.

Star Drive – Wikipedia

While capable of wearing any clothes tailored or sized to altsrnity them, bareem most commonly wear little more than loose-fitting pants with tight cuffs and no shoes unless demanded by social niceties. Once active, the meditation remains active for the rest of the round and all of the next one. When necessary in fleeing or racing to another experiment, kadarans flip themselves over and half-run and half-vault in a rolling motion, covering twice as much distance in shorter times than a bipedal person of their strength and greater sizes.

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