In Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute offer a new vision to revitalize business models, end-run Washington gridlock, and win the. Reinventing Fire has ratings and 24 reviews. the Kindle edition of Amory Lovins’ latest book “Inventing Fire – Bold Solutions for the New Energy Era”. Reinventing Fire: Bold New Solutions for the New Energy Era Amory Lovins Rocky Mountains Institute, A note on the energy chapters in.

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Energy is a much broader problem of; national security, jobs, technology innovation and competitive advantage, as well as climate change and the environment.

Great as an overall plan for lowering U. While it was nice to get 12 TWh of carbon free solar electricity in Germany inthis is not ever so large a percentage of world wide electricity generation, which was at 20, TWh in Reinventing Fire shows us that we neither need to freeze in the dark, nor go back to the Stone Age, to ensure a healthy, habitable planet for ourselves and our descendants.

Buildings consume three-fourths of our power, yet neither buildings nor the grid have meaningful ability to store energy. No trivia or quizzes yet. As I disagree with the author on this point, I found it interesting to have my views tested by someone making a strong case based on facts. He assumes a negligible solar thermal contribution. For other studies see Trainer, b. Whether you care most about national security, or jobs and competitive advantage, or climate and environment, this major contribution by world leaders in energy innovation offers startling innovations will support your values, inspire your support, and transform your sense of possibility.

Lovins says that renewable energy is already cheaper than fossil fuels and his analysis predicts further reductions in renewable energy prices. Dec 06, JB rated it it was amazing.


Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era

Jan 12, Geoff Davies rated it it was amazing. To assume otherwise one needs to follow outdated ideas on the harmful effects of low level radiation, as discussed elsewhere on this blog. I was supporting nuclear power at the time.

That makes it all the more important to avoid mistakes in the pro nuclear message like insisting on a nuclear only future. Altering rules to encourage fair interconnection and open competition on the grid is controlled by FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commissionand needs no legislative overhauls. He seems to make little or no provision for the huge storage task that would be involved, especially as he does not rely on solar thermal heat storage. The author argues that because the necessary legislation and public policy are already in place for the transition to clean power, the transition can come about through market-based innovation across many different industries.

Books about energy issues books Renewable energy commercialization Books by Amory Lovins.

Reinventing Fire – Wikipedia

The best current statement of the case is Trainer, b, and as applied to Australia, c. Thus renewable energy supply systems involve serious problems to do with the reonventing of redundant plant, and these greatly increase system capital costs.

No oil-fed wars, tyrannies, or terrorists.

It is difficult to assess the transport fuel chapter as it seems to consist mainly of very optimistic claims for which little or no demonstration or derivation is given, and which seem quite implausible. From rfinventing of the brightest and most practical thinkers in America-straight from the heart, bold advice to America on how to handle energy, reduce the budget deficit, and create millions of jobs.

It is already underway, driven inexorably by innovation, competition, and customer preferences. This transition has already begun: It is not difficult to show how most or all energy could come from reinventihg you just assume enough plant to do it when there is little sun or wind. But change need not harm their strategic prospects. Just energy abundance, benign and affordable, for all, fore Imagine fuel without fear.


Much like Natural Capitalismit’s a page feat of “whole systems thinking” that eschews the search for a single “silver bullet” to fix fossil fuel dependence in favor “silver buckshot and birdshot” that can be used rebuild the US economy that makes the world “richer, fairer, cooler and safer”.

Reinventing Fire contains a plethora of information. The renewable scenario outlined assumes a generating capacity of 1, GW peak capacity. The reason for me to drop support for nuclear was the fact that most pro-nuclear people are opposing renewable energy, something llovins compatible with my point of view.

A revised negative case. This works best for CEOs and policymakers and me, in this casebut is perhaps a bit off-putting for readers looking for a more traditional non-fiction narrative.

That does not prove that there is not room for both options. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They are almost all superficial; there is no detail and no derivation of conclusions. I didn’t feel that I really learned a lot new here – some interesting chapters, but on the whole I’ve read a lot of more interesting books on the subject.

However discussion of all issues to do with energy, resources, technology, environment and consumption should be based on the assumption that in the near future there are very likely to be large and irreversible rises in the prices of energy, resources, materials, construction, plant and technology etc. What I don’t get from this book, though, is how I help to make that possible.

Countries with more coherent transitional policies are already further ahead.

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