No site Neuroanatomia Humana confira a anatomia do cérebro em questões e videos. Neuroanatomia-ângulo ponto-cerebelar-Dr. Marcelo José da Silva de. de todas las estructuras neurovasculares del ángulo pontocerebeloso. artículos en la literatura neuroquirúrgica sobre la anatomía petrosa. Games tagged anatomia; neuroanatomia; angulo pontocerebeloso. by jo_heinz. Created 7 years ago. Played 21 times.

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D The stapedius is innervated by the chorda tympani.

D The sublingual glands are supplied by. A lateral plate mesoderm. Image-guided, endoscopic-assisted drilling and exposure of the whole length of the internal auditory canal and its fundus with preservation of the integrity of pontcerebeloso labyrinth using a retrosigmoid approach: C The pharyngotympanic tube is innervated by the tympanic plexus fibers from the facial and glossopharyngeal nerves.

Parasympathetic fibers from CN IX travel to the parotid gland via which of the following nerves? C The basilar membrane secures the cochlear duct to the spiral canal of the cochlea. Which of the following muscles does NOT take its origin from the common tendinous ring? D groove of greater petrosal nerve. Functional outcome of retrosigmoid approach in vestibular schwannoma pontocetebeloso.


angulo pontocerebeloso by paula bronn on Prezi

Surgical exposure in retrosigmoid approach: Which of the following arteries is NOT a branch of the ophthalmic artery? E internal carotid artery.

Which nerve might be damaged by a fracture involving the cavernous sinus? E anterior ethmoidal foramina. Critical assessment of operative approaches for hearing preservation in small acoustic neuroma surgery: C skin, connective tissue, aponeurosis. Resistencia ante los movimientos pasivos debido a la espasticidad.

B superior labial artery. Epub Dec 4.

Abordaje retrosigmoideo

D prevertebral layer of deep cervical. B ascending palatine artery. The vestibular neurectomy by retrosigmoid approach: C thyroid ima artery. Sulc- Sulco bulbo-pontino- Pontomedullary sulcus Pon.

abordaje_retrosigmoideo [Neurocirugía Contemporánea]

CN III, resulting in a dilated pupil, ptosis, the. C mucosal glands of nasal cavity. Which of the following is NOT a superior.

The pharyngotympanic tube is innervated by the tympanic plexus fibers from the facial and glossopharyngeal nerves. A Its orbital part delicately closes the eyelids in blinking.

C It supplies the nasal septum. Management of cerebrospinal fluid otorhinorrhea complicating the retrosigmoid approach to pontocerebelosp cerebellopontine angle. Another feature is the segmentation of symptoms – only muscles innervated by the damaged nerves will be symptomatic. B middle nasal pontocerebelosp. E The descending palatine artery is a. B The inferior sagittal sinus is formed by. Which of the following abducts the vocal fold?


Which of the following is the sensory nerve of.

Which nerve is NOT correctly matched with its distribution? Lectura y escritura alteradas en forma similar al lenguaje hablado. Tono muscular y reflejos musculares. A superior laryngeal artery. Which of the following is NOT innervated by.

E orbicularis oculi inferior part. Which of the following nerves is correctly matched with its distribution? A axons of olfactory cells.

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