Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all things pertaining to the real lives of working writers. Download the. Summary: A mess of a book that doesn’t do justice to the richly imaginative world that Trussoni created in her first novel. Rushed, info-dumpy. Danielle Anne Trussoni is New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer whose books have been translated into over thirty languages. Her work includes four books: Falling Through the Earth (); Angelology (), Angelopolis ( ) and memoir The Fortress ().

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Compared to most fantasy books like the silly Hush, Hush series that also features the Nephilim there’s a strong stake in reality.

This particular angel is trying her best to retrieve a clue for the Grigori brothers who are the icons of the stunningly beautiful and frightening Nephilim, a group determined to end human domination once and for all. I am not sure about the frequency of releases when it comes to this series.

There is still a war between humans and angels – fallen angels and Nephilim, the cross danielpe humans and fallen angels. I loved the introduction of the Noah stuff with the seeds. Mar 08, Amy Lignor rated it it was angeolpolis. A future that begins in The First Circle.

Also, no explanation was given about how Evangeline went from human to nephilistic, in the first book, although it’s accepted. Apr 11, Whitney rated it it was ok. Like the first book in this series, this one has a lot of action and plenty of daneille theories plus a dash of romance. Angelology begins in Milton, NY at St. Verlaine immediately falls into yet another amazing journey as he begins to search for the most evil angelkpolis on the planet; Eno – who is beyond sadistic and absolutely revels in the job of killing, maiming and bringing humans the worst pain possible before ending their existence.

Danielle Trussoni

You are commenting using your Facebook account. She was married to the writer Nikolai Grozni in He has to decide whether to kill her or not. Angekopolis are the male characters, of course; the female ones are so ridiculous I wouldn’t even consider them characters. One of the reviewers noted that there was very little character development, and I have to agree with tha Well, it was much better than the first book.


Yeah, who would’ve known there would be a sequel to this sequel, yaawwwn.

Toward the end though, a few sharks get jumped, in part, one supposes, to spur the reader on to read the next installment. This book picks up some years later after Evangeline has been on her own.

Then I read this and redefined my idea of what poorly executed means. Risking sanity, life, and limb Verlaine has joined the greater community of the Angelolgical Society in the secret hope that one day his efforts would lead him down a path that would cross with Evangeline once again.

Assured by her own testimony that she is pure of heart, Michael disposes of more than a hundred of the villains by well-directed bolts of fire in a scene that suggests a Gattling gun with individually targeted bullets.


There was mention of some plot of the angels to build the titular Angelopolis, but if that was ever developed it must have been at a point I’d started skimming the long academic conversations in desperate hope that something interesting might happen.

Whether a symbolism of the union between dynastic rulers and commoner women fallen angels and mortal women, if you preferor a cautionary tale warning us about the sinful nature of a marriage between earthly and divine, the study of angels trusslni not only one of the major theological doctrines, but also a fascinating speculation on the ultimate destiny of mankind. This book picks up 10 years after the first one. The actual emotions of the characters are so stilted and academic, it hurts.

She is not like other nephilim, she is more pure. I’m probably around page and I’ve quit. However, when he trussni himself standing over the body of a woman who has been atta The Watchers are still captured and in the safest place possible for the humans who walk the earth.

I totally agree with you about the second book and the ending! Petersburg, the Bulgarian mountains and the Black Sea, this breathtaking and erudite ‘affresco’ will entice Dan Brown’s and Umberto Eco’s readers, as well as Deborah Harkness’ fans. The series has been picked up by Columbia Pictures, so it looks like a movie is in the works. Very little time angeelopolis spent on creating a sense of fear and impending doom.


In fact, it is the Nephilim, so the angelologists contend, who promulgated atheism, so that people will not suspect the extent to which humans are not, in fact, free of the nefarious intervention of Nephilim into their affairs.

The story jumps from character to character, place to place, with no care for smooth transition, leaving me disoriented a lot of the time.

So, after three years of anticipation, I eagerly began the sequel. Trussoni currently lives in New York City. I expected one book not 3. This book wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni – book review

Coming off the back of Angelology’s success – ‘the long awaited sequel to the international best seller’ is a hell of a sales pitch – they’ve put together a substandard book, knowing it will line their pockets regardless. Not exactly the direction that will keep me reading. There is st I read the first book in this series – Angelology – 3 years ago. I’m just not one of them, and I am quite certain neither are any of my friends. Retrieved from ” https: You can mouse over it to see what he says:.

Evangeline was and still is my favourite character and I wanted to follow her journey this time around again, instead I was made to read. In this vein, Angelopolis second installment in the New York Times best selling and sensational series Angelology by Danielle Trussoni bridges biblical lore and apocryphal documents, Greek mythology and Christian eschatology, merging in the process elements of intellectual thriller and science fiction.

Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. I hope the third will be better. The Mara, the Gusian, Rahab, Anakin, and more. Three motion picture companies, ColumbiaUniversaland Sonybid for the film rights, which ultimately went to Sony. Now that I’ve read the excerpt, I’m all worked up about it again. Notify me of new posts via email.

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