Title: THE JINX. Nos 1 – (3 Volumes); Author: Annemann, Theodore ( ); Format/binding: Hardcover; Book condition: Very Good Condition; Quantity. The Jinx October – November Written by Theodore Annemann. Reprint Work of Various. pages (Hardcover), published by D. The Jinx was a magic periodical edited and published by Theodore Annemann from October – December It was originally a monthly magazine but.

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Here is the most convenient form of the Jinx to date. You will get all issues including all summer and winter extras. Each issue is quickly accessible via a bookmark. You will get reproductions of all the old advertisements for the Jinxthe old three part index prepared by J. We have taken the utmost care for this digitization.

The scans were prepared from unbound issues to avoid any kind of page distortion. Each page was then manually cleaned up to produce the best possible look and feel. And the latest OCR technology anbemann been used to make each and every page fully text searchable.

The disc includes additional to the entire Jinx the ebook Popular Card Tricks by Gibson because Annemann intended to publish this book in a special issue in the Jinx. Duncanson Thought Rays — Dr. Parrish Telepathy on the Cuff — R. Question for the Month The Henry E.

Dixie Cigarette Vanish — Henry E. Annemznn Ultra Slate Message — Dr. Fricks Jinx 2 — page 7 — Your Card! Jordan The Jinx — 22 – July — 6 pages Numero!

Jacob Daley Jinx 25 — page — Numisnatigic — E. Clark Jinx 21 — page — Think It Over! One — John Mulholland No.


THE JINX. Nos 1 – (3 Volumes) by Annemann, Theodore () –

Two — Harry Opel No. Paulson Spell Me — Henry J.

Christ Your Fortune, Miss! Fries Dates — Charles T. Duplex Date Reading — Charles T. Calendar Conjuring Dollar Cut — Dr. Ethics Committee Ghost Writer — R. William Annemqnn Behind That Door! Two Teasers Suggested Routine No. Three Shifts [par 2] P. Vosburgh Lyons Tri-Predicti — L. Glowing Embers Court of Intrigue — J.

Theodore Annemann

The 20 Card Trick — Walter B. Jordan Bewildero 2nd — Charles T. Hunter Sixth Finger — Dr. Ervin Editrivia – Theo Annemann Dr. Jacob Daley Frontier Fantasy — Dr. Low Not at These Prices!

Friday 04 March, One of the very best investments that a serious student of Magic could do Many of the excellent items here are so old that they are new; that is, little seen yet effective tricks.

It is also interesting to see the origins of many of today’s “latest” ideas. Saturday 24 May, Oh my goodness! You haven’t bought this yet?

At least three books two on card magic; one on mentalism were drawn from the material herein. Yet you may just find Annemann’s editorials the most valuable material – I certainly have. And you’ll be drawing from this stock for years yet. You want to be a mentalist?

Ted Annemann – The Jinx () (Number ) – $ : Fantasystore!, The Art of Magician

Buy and study the Jinx. You want to have a zillion card effects at hand that won’t break your hands but will stupefy your audiences? For fifteen bucks, you have the strongest effects yet – and the principles upon which almost all mentalism has been built. I have this download on my IPAD and read it while relaxing at Starbucks or odd moments through out the day. There is so much material and tid bits buried between the covers.


Even if you do not like the effect there are little nuggets that can be used elsewhere. I am a firm believer in what is old is new – there is so many items here that are begging to be re-worked.

The Jinx 1-50

So roll-up your sleeves and dive in. I would also highly recommend “Swami Mantra” also available as a download. Monday 24 December, Well worth having, Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects was culled from these pages as was his card magic book.

Monday 07 December, This is quite incredible value. You get an absolute ton of information, a lot of which is first-rate, it’s an interesting read, it’s a small piece of social history, it’s searchable, and all for an extremely low price. I’m trying to be restrained here, but for me, this is the best download of the year, by a long, long, LONG way.

Write your own review Frequently bought together with: We will promptly address your feedback. Jins of the best mentalists consider the Jinx the most important publication. It is a treasure chest of ideas, methods, routines and commentary.

A must read not just for mentalists but all magicians. Write your own review. Click to leave a voice review. Frequently bought together with: This product is listed in the following categories:

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