The Civil Contract of Photography has 42 ratings and 3 reviews. An argument that anyone can pursue political agency and resistance through photography, e. ARGUMENTATION AND ADVOCACY 47 (Winter ): I BOOK REVIEWS The Civil Contract ofPhotography. By Ariella Azoulay. New York: Zone . In this groundbreaking work, Ariella Azoulay thoroughly revises our understanding of the ethical status of photography. It must, she insists.

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Azoulay’s claims about the political relations forged within photography are contextualized by her broader critique of liberal democratic citizenship. In this compelling work, Ariella Azoulay reconsiders the political and ethical status of photography.

Kate rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Azoulay asks this question: Looting, Archives and the Figure of the “Infiltrator”. Caro rated azouoay liked it Nov 22, Even or especially when it is a photograph of a crime or an injustice, a photograph is more than evidence.

photogrwphy Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Yee-Kay Chan rated it it was amazing Sep 05, If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Sign In Forgot password? In this groundbreaking work, Ariella Azoulay provides a compelling rethinking of the political and ethical status of photography.

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Critically engaging rape as an object of discourse constrained by its own conditions of visibility enables Azoulay to advance a provocative argument about the need to question why particular events evade the domain of the visible, and how spectators might use hints of violence as a way of creating exigencies for rhetorical intervention.


To see what photograpuy friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hence, images of political trauma demand a heightened moral sensibility on behalf of the spectator to reconstruct the photographic event and respond to the claims articulated by the photographed.

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The Civil Contract of Photography

The Civil Contract of Photography is an essential work for anyone seeking to understand the disasters of recent history and the consequences of how they and their victims are represented. Call them the Philosophical League and the Communication League. Citing articles via Google Scholar. Argument theorists might also be seen as coming from different leagues, very roughly divided into those trained in a philosophical tradition and those schooled in the field of communication.

While reading this book, it is important to remember the conditions of violence that move Azoulay phootography embrace the political possibilities of photography.

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The book draws from a range of visual encounters: Those of a philosophical bent seem forever drawn back to the study of logical forms. It must, she azoylay, be understood in its inseparability from the many catastrophes of recent history. Olga rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Ariella Azoulay’s The Civil Contract of Photography is a simply stunning challenge to the ways in which visual culture scholars imagine the productive possibilities of photography as a mode of pyotography contestation, domain of argument, and site of ethical engagement.

Log In Sign Up. The photograph, she tells us, fixes nothing and belongs to no one. Every photograph tne the traces of the encounter between the photographer and the photographed, and neither party can ultimately control that inscription nor determine what happens to those traces.


Central to Azoulay’s argument is the critique of the groundbreaking writings on photography by Susan Sontag: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Review of Ot Civil Contract of Photography.

Part of the spectator ethic is articulating these contexts of emergency that demand response. The text works with an array of photographs that make urgent appeals, marshalling autobiographical, political, and theoretical perspectives to establish the role of the photograph in creating the visual space for politics.

She had explained the work in detail. Her theory is intimately connected to conditions of emergency, or the “situation involving calamity or mortal peril that demands immediate treatment” p. Books by Ariella Azoulay. The civil contract of photography enables him or her to share with others the claim made or addressed by the cpntract.

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Email alerts New issue alert. The book, originally published in German inappeared in English translation inand has finally been released in paperback version in by the Oxford University Press. The casual fan of baseball, or even someone who reads the standings without studying the box scores, might have a difficult time telling the difference between a game in the American as opposed to the National League. Nicholas rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Return to Book Page.

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