Arsilda, Regina Di Ponto is Vivaldi’s fourth opera. First performed in at Teatro Sant’Angelo in Venice, its author’s ambition was to establish his nascent. Antonio Vivaldi composed Arsilda, Regina di Ponto for the Venetian theater of Sant’Angelo in the fall of While Vivaldi had, by its debut. Antonio Vivaldi – Arsilda, Regina di Ponto Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava – Václav Luks, David Radok, Lucile Richardot, Olivia.

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Copyist Johann Georg Pisendel Send to a friend Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message. This recording features the Baroque orchestra of Modo Antiquo, an ensemble with particular expertise in the music of Vivaldi and his contemporaries.

Arsilda, regina di Ponto – Wikipedia

They have also performed at many European early music festivals, including the Italian festival Opera Barga, for which this production of Arsilda was prepared in vivalddi Simile arias appear in abundance, such as Arsilda’s Act 2, sc.

As in previous recordings of songs by Wolf, Debussy and Poulenc, pianist Eugene Asti is her accompanist in Le Bal des Animauxa delightful collection of French songs about creatures of all sizes, from flea to elephant and from crayfish to dolphin. Lisea and Tamese are the twin children of the queen of Cilicia. As such, it perfectly encapsulates the contemporary Pier Jacopo Martello’s tongue-in-cheek satire of opera of the day, which argued that opera, in order to be entertaining, should avoid following Aristotelian rules of drama and instead feature favored scenic conventions, such as prison and sleep vivsldi.

Skip to main content. In early OctoberGioachino Rossini summoned the librettist Gaetano Rossi to a villa owned by his wife, the soprano Isabella Colbran in Castenaso, just outside Bologna.

Opera Today

From SOMM recordings, specialists in British repertoire, comes this interesting new collection of other Elgar orchestral songs, sponsored by the Elgar Society. Founded in under the direction of Sardelli, the group has made several recordings with Amadeus, cpo and Tactus, including vivvaldi first complete recording of Vivaldi’s cantatas.


Instead, they are fantastical, dealing with such things as the fairy world and sorcerers, or with the world of dreams. The libretto was by Domenico Lalli, who had provided the words for Ottone in Villa three years earlier, inand was to collaborate with Vivaldi on several later operas.

But a number of operas-some familiar, others forgotten-are neither of these. All of the singers on this recording convey the individual vivadli with knowledgeable awareness of performance practice and attention to phrasing, dynamics, and ornamentation.

While at times the sound quality of the recording could be more focused, with low frequencies at times overwhelming the vocal lines and occasionally making comprehension of the text difficult, the recording overall gives wonderful insight into Vivaldi’s characterizations and skill at both instrumental and vocal writing.

Vivaldi: Arsilda, Regina di Ponto

Modo Antiquo’s contibution is a quality recording, done on period instruments with highly competent singers. Creative Commons Attribution 3. No part of this website may be reproduced entirely without expressed written permission. Arsilda employs several such scenarios, including a hunt that takes place in a verdant forest and a dungeon scene.

If you arsidla a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click zrsilda for further information.

As it turns out, everything went smoothly. Reliant on a pair of twins for its main intrigue–one male and one female–the story opens with Lisea, disguised as her brother Tamese and posing as King, and Arsilda, engaged to be married to “Tamese.

Overall, this is a fine achievement; but how our traveller longs for the oasis of a love duet! This Harold en Italieop. According to the New Grove OperaLalli was vialdi for the first comic opera to be seen in Venice; to judge from Arsildahe furnished a link between the Shakespearian juxtaposition of seriousness and comedy in Monteverdi and Cavalli, and the formality, derived from Corneille and Racine, of opera seria.

The playing is light and airy and the arwilda are well judged. PDF typeset by Unknown Ram. Work Title Arsilda, regina di Ponto Alt ernative. Beyond Gilbert and Sullivan: Retrieved from ” http: Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.


Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music.

Her own aria at the end of Act 1 features two obbligato harpsichords, to charming effect. Edward Elgar’s Sea Pictures are extremely well-known, but many others are also worth hearing.

Thanks to the efforts of Sardelli and Modo Antiquo, scholars, Vivaldi fans, and opera lovers in general now have an additional example of Vivaldi’s early operatic style. We normally think of operas as being serious or comical. Domenico Lalli, his librettist, who settled in Venice in after fleeing his native Naples upon being charged with embezzlement, was one of the most important librettists of the first decades of the eighteenth century.

A Florence Version of incomplete B Version of ? Arsilda is a typical early eighteenth-century plot in its use of love intrigues, mistaken identities, and musical features such as simile arias.

Hence, the edition is public domain in its country of origin or a government publication.

Opera Today : VIVALDI: Arsilda, Regina di Ponto

Works by Chabrier, Poulenc, Ravel, Satie et al. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Zrsilda is required for this feature. The true Tamese, meanwhile, is disguised as the palace gardener, and both Arsilda and Lisea have an unexplained attraction to him. Superlative Lohengrin from Bayreuth, The names of Belfast-born soprano Heather Harper and Kansas-born tenor James King may not resonate for younger music lovers, but they sure do aarsilda folks my age. While Vivaldi’s instrumental music has been widely known for some time, only in recent decades have his operas attracted such attention.

The story is complex and wholly unbelievable.

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