Complete walkthrough with solutions to the Assorted Nasties mission in The Secret World / TSW. Title, Assorted Nasties. Author, David Harber. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Desert Publications, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy a cheap copy of Assorted Nasties book by Warren Smith. Book by Harber, David Free shipping over $

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Note that most of these pens have a left- hand thread on the body.

Full text of “Assorted nasties”

The piston should not be reused. NOTE – All dart dimensions are variable, as materials require. Protect from freezing and contamina- tion. Let this sit overnight. This does not, however, mean it is undetectable. No detailed plans are supplied since the weapon is so simple in design. Operation 1 Remove the tape strip safety.

The arrow has been further modified by attach- ing a poison pod. Though no copies arc known to have survived the CIA purges of the mid- ‘s, this book is a humble effort to recreate the original work, using both the cryptic clues that Rothman left before his death, and a thor- ough search of the available literature.

Tamp in place with a small wad of cotton. TTX is both fast-acting and powerful, but has one flaw – it takes a lot of raw material to get a usable amount of pure toxins. Note – AH mentioned before, ether fiimes are explo- sive. Do this with the pen in several different attitudes.


The most potent variety is A. This will keep it from rattling around.

OOlmg per liter on 1 hours exposure will attack the eyes. Black and white photographs or drawings are generally inadequate or proper identification. They are of limited utility and too potentially dangerous to prepare without very special skills and equipment.

It also paralyzes the respiratory centers of the brain and constricts the blood vessels. A precipitation time of 45 minutes is required. Sepa- rate the layers ansties the separatory funnel. Pure coniine has a burning taste similar to low- grade hot sauce and a characteristic odor which should be masked. Initial exposure frequently produces no symptoms until the delay period has passed.

Charcoal – Get briquettes from the supermar- ket.

Assorted Nasties

Anexcel- lent reference work for all things chemical is the “Chemical Technician’s Ready Reference Handbook”, available at most technical book stores. Remember – they only have to penetrate deep enough to insert the toxin.

Filter through a coffee filter and discard the solids, which are mostly unabsorbed iron.

Most come with excellent quality darts, but other than that it is better to make your own. It is srmple to make, requiring only that you mix the active ingredient certain insecticideswrth I 7VLSO in equal amounts.

Filter the precipitate and re-dissolve in the smallest amount of chloroform.


They do not distinguish the difference naxties tween your skin or the target’s. It only means that it is likely to be overlooked. Do this in a well- ventilated area as chloroform fumes are narcotic.

Harmless orally, unless ulcers are present or there are sores in the mouth. Preparation of VX 1 ml of anhydrous ethyl ether and grams of re-distilled dichloromethylphosphine are added to a 3 liter reaction flask which has been previously flushed with dry nitrogen.


The projectile is a short length of arrow shaft with a broadhead arrow- head. Fentanyl Production 1 Prepare 2 solutions as follows – A Dissolve 5 parts N- 4-piperidyl propionanilide, 6. Do not inhale vapors, asssorted from HCN. All should be checked out in the “Merck Index”, as a minimum precaution. At least they allow time for the assassin to escape before the autopsy revealed the true cause of death.

With practice, good accuracy can be obtained, i can shoot about 6″ groups at 30 feet.

The noise level generated will be so low as to be of no consequence, as it is generated entirely by the piston impacting the barrel shoulder. The head is routinely poisoned this is in nssties of the ancient Chinese Martial Code governing the use of this weapon. Some shimming may be necessary.

Assorted Nasties

It is designed for the. Press the piston into the large pipe nipple until it is almost flush with the lip of the pipe. Odorless and tasteless, but seems to have a somewhat gritty tex- ture in the mouth.

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