has been announced by the UN as the Inter- national Year of Water Cooperation. The topic puts an accent on raising the awareness of. PRESS RELEASE The European Water Association acknowledged Professor Peter Matthews (UK) with honorary membership Press release 04/ of July. July , the EWA President Dr Jean Philippe. Torterotot (FR) handed over his honorary position to. Prof. Pertti Seuna (FI). Dr Jean Philippe Torterotot received .

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In Prof Matthews has been awarded with the Prof Matthews is active within the EWA since its establishment in As one of the key figures in the water and environmental sector, Professor Matthews has been involved in the water industry for over 40 years.

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He devoted much of his work for the benefit of the European Water Association and in he was appointed as the EWA president. The submarine was stuck in fvwk rocks, but we were very frightened and were happy to For the contents responsible are: It was an unforgettable first meeting.

Prof Matthews has been involved in the management of the association for many years, but also contributed strongly to the technical and scientific work of the committees and the working groups of the association. In Prof Matthews has been awarded with the William Dunbar Medal for his contribution to the field of water and wastewater technology and management. Peter Matthews is a true dvw and committed professional who has worked tirelessly to bring the industry together to share a global vision of water management.

We are really delighted to have had the pleasure working with him for aa past 30 years and we hope that this fruitful cooperation will continue in the future. EWA The European Water Association EWA is an independent nongovernmental and non-profit making organisation promoting the sustainable and improved management of the total water cycle and hence the dvw, as a whole.



It is one of the major professional associations in Europe that covers the whole water cycle, as atc as wastewater and drinking water, water For the contents responsible are: Today, EWA consists of 26 European leading professional organisations in their respective countries, each representing professionals and technicians for wastewater and water utilities, academics, technology providers, consultants and contractors, local authorities and regulators.

The Association also has a growing number of corporate members: EWA thus represents about 50, professional individuals and specialists working in the broad field of water and environmental management. This press information is also available under: Page of TFM – Dallas Avionics.

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