audioXpress January Inside This Issue · Supplemental Material · Digital Login. Voice Coil December Inside This Issue · Digital Login. Trending. Please note! We do not make coils wound on plastic bobbins due to risk of microphony, nor do we use ferrite cored coils that saturate abruptly. All Jantzen coils. audioXpress 1. Horn Theory: An Introduction, Part 1. By Bjørn Kolbrek. This author presents a two-part introduction to horns—their definition, features.

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Stamler A Power Supply Spreadsheet This article describes a spreadsheet program for designing low-voltage power supplies using common IC three-terminal regulators.

Now the un-terminated end of the plate resistor will be used as the amplifier’s input. I have audixopress Aikido frontends driving gainclones beforebut I would prefer a simpler solution, such as the following circuit, which I have shown before. They are brand new high quality bulbs not the cheap junk from China.

A Power Supply Spreadsheet

Kit includes 4 bulbs and 4 new filter caps they are GM factory color. All items in category Magazine News.

This article was originally published in audioXpress, February I measured the response and it was not especially flat. In this article, Joel Hatch explains how to build a variable frequency synchronous motor controller to control turntable speed. The above schematic shows a misstep, as the constant-current source makes a poor substitute for the triode and cathode resistor, as Aufioxpress discovered after running a few SPICE simulations.


New Hybrid SE OTL? & Aikido Gainclone & Circlotron Lie Detector

Why not use a smaller tube and less idle current? Apart from looking at some commercially available stroboscope discs, Ron Tipton explains how to print one from files that are freely available on the Internet, and explains how to build your own multiple-LED lamp to check the rotations.

August 20, by Charles Hansen. Which Measurements Matter, Part 1 The controversy over subjective versus objective loudspeaker evaluation has raged on for decades. If the tube does not act on an input signal, the solid-state power amplifier remains oblivious to the signal.

The reader had asked for my take on a tube-based gainclone amplifier and I thought that that less might be more. That was quite a mouthful and I expect adioxpress it will be the differential line receiver that makes many scratch their heads but, trust me, it’s not that complicated.

I wish everyone did business like you. August 18, by Rick MacDonald. My focus here is on compensating for phase nonlinearities in the driver. And his amplifier does seem to have a lot going for it: Speed up your crossover prototyping and preserve your crossover components with this true plug-and-play approach. In addition to a number of Luxman components, the room will feature Triangle Acoustics loudspeakers and Melco streaming audio servers. In other words, the pentode is run as a pentode, not a triode-connected pentode.


At the time, audioxprdss wrote: And if not, why bother with the original? Well, now that I am stirred up, I might as well go into full rant mode. This is not surprising. All audjoxpress in category Project Articles. All items tagged with audioXpress archive July 23, by Joe D’Appolito. Sadly, the audioXpress community lost one of its most esteemed and prolific writers. We looked at the most-read articles of in audioXpress.

Note how the differential line receiver inverts an input signal applied to this sudioxpress input and how the power amplifier also inverts the signal, so the phase is maintained at the power amplifier’s output.

This signal is rectified, filtered, and regulated in a conventional sense. The article was originally published in audioXpress, October

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