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Simple, elegant facade with outhouse and entrance in rear. Perfect for designing a scene with a farmyard. All parts are enclosed.

Can be cut to the desired shape with scissors. Built aroundwith covered loading dock. Handsomely proportioned exterior, additional entrances to the sacristy and arched bell tower. Now assemble the first bridge pillar as described in the instructions. The rear entrance is reached by a flight of steps.

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But if you have more space available, our modular system makes it easy for you to alter or expand the basic models. Dwelling with an entrance to the tying room in rear.

Do not use so much that the ballast starts to float! The idyllic scene takes up little room on a layout or diorama. Length over buffers 19 mm cataloggo pieces 41 Drehschemellorenattrappen Swivel bolster cart replicas Dieser Lorentyp wurde paarweise zum Langholztransport verwendet. The replication of cast iron colums is very filigree, with true to original slope to cataalogo duction of surface water.


The filigree handrail of body-died card- board is made by laser cut technology. The old tank farm was rebuilt for safety reasons. Besonders attraktiv sind der Kellereingang und der Lichtschacht mit Lattenrost.

The balcony and staircases are made of sturdy paperboard with Lasercut technology. You can purchase individual walls, doors, windows, roofs and much, much more!

Covered entrance, balcony and garage with moveable door. Each 5 control boxes Cable ducts width 3 mm, 8 mm Total length each mm 23 H0. Ideal for the Service station No. Cardboard lid with clear windows. With hook and claw. Accessories such as lamps and the clock correspond with Era I. Mit Kohlebansen und 3 Hunten.


Complete the shopping list once everything is perfect. Along with many small parts such as a bathtub with a watering can, pergola, flower trellis, wooden gates, automobile trailer hitch, buggy with wooden boxes, pushcart, rubbish bins and catslogo you can use all the items here to create a pro- jecting canopy roof, a corrugated sheet shed, a gantry crane and fuel pumps.

Garage features a moving door and cupboard, tyres and watering can. In the green Zone Inspired by nature. For trams, buses and lorries, or for use as a workshop.


Humbrol- oder Revell-Mattfarben, verschiedene Rot- marderhaarpinsel, Bastelmesser, flache Nadelfeile, gut angespitzte Buntstifte, Fineliner. The freight shed has been solidly built as a timber-frame structure. The architecture of the original wood- pannelled inn is typical of the area.

Further, they can be either single or twin tyres. The model includes grappler, damping arch and reinforcement rings. Series 80… makes it possible to rearrange the building according to your individual taste. The yellow train station building is typical Scandinavian. Height can be adjusted from 29 auhaen 71 mm. Auch Bogen mit beliebigen Radien lassen sich damit gestalten. Passend zu unserem Bahnhof Klingenberg-Colmnitz Art. Page functions Previous aunagen Top Recommend page.


The vertical stiffener needs to remain in place.

Typical small town house with covered back entrance. Trusses for overhead line, lamp pole dummies for posts and walls, fin fatalogo, interior walls for crea- ting office and storage areas, and external staircase with railing of cardboard made by laser cut technology.

Homepage | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

Grat mit der Bastelfeile entfernen. You’ve lost a part or you’re looking for a specific, unique replacement cataloyo to complete your individual construction idea? The gates can be ope- ned by hand.

Use special care when cutting out the guardrails. Die Schmiedezangen sind aus stabilem Karton in Lasercut-Technologie gefertigt. Besonders hilfreich ist die beiliegende Kopiervorlage mit Einkaufs- liste.

With attached flower window. Therefore, we supply three different sizes, plus the matching windows separately from our No. H0 Ausstattung und Selbstbau Accessories and Scratchbuilding

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