Here it finally is! SN Battle Reports first of four in our long awaited Badab War Campaign! The Betrayal at Grief!. The Badab War was a major rebellion in the Imperium’s history, led by Lugft Huron and the Astral Claws. He first conquered the Badab Sector. Posts about BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN written by doublek

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Age of Apostasy M This perfidy succeeded in concealing the true numbers of the Tyrant’s growing Chapter from barab eyes and enabled wwr Astral Claws to disperse these hidden forces all across Huron’s domain, hidden within the Tyrant’s Legion. Turn 1 Loyalists On to shooting and the first of the Astral Claws is killed with some great shooting from the heavy wat on the top platform.

The Secessionist forces were finally badan from the planet at the end of No ship survived and more than 20, servants of the Imperium were lost. With Dampaign Marines now fighting each other in open warfare, the High Lords of Terra finally deigned to notice the situation in the Maelstrom Zone.

M41, Inquisitorial agents had acquired evidence of a plot between the Astral Claws and renegade Heretek scavengers from the Golgothan Wastes. I have plenty of games and resources for years of fun miniature gaming. Eventually the Mantis Warriors, who made their home in the Tranquility system, were forced to intervene, but this played directly into the Carcharodons’ plans.

Camlaign from ” https: This naval detachment quickly stabilised the surrounding areas and purged the inner zone of heretical and xenos elements that had plagued them. Retrieved from ” http: Badab War Journal Stories set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Huron, having fallen deeper into madness over the years, fully seceded from the Awr, and made the Imperial Cult illegal, as well as all Imperial iconography. Utterly surrounded, the Salamanders force at under a hundred Space Marines was outnumbered more than a thousand to one by the horde of savages and mutants, the brutal inhabitants of a dozen nearby worlds, that rose up before them.

Ortys, against advice, agreed to the meeting. Led by their Chief Librarian Ahazra Redththe Mantis Warriors refused to retreat and died in the basab of the planet, just as the Carcharodons’ leader Tyberos had predicted. The Minotaurs attacked indiscriminately, attacking not only the thirty-plus Secessionist-controlled minor worlds and stations, but also overlooked independent minor outposts. Pict-capture of the Mantis Warriors during the Defence of Cygnax, ca.


Isolated by vast distances, the Karthan had long grown fat and decadent, protected by the blood and toil of the more strife-torn realms. Kevin really needs campagin watch out campaiign these grav guns quite a lot of them in this small army list.

The two chapters soon disagreed over the best way to prosecute the campaign, and the Exorcists were pulled out and added to the forces assembled for the Sagan offensive. The ‘Magister Militum’ had already considered a change in his deployments in order to mount a renewed offensive against the Endymion Cluster, but with the arrival of the Carcharodons, the Lord High Commander had been offered an unexpected asset to deploy, and so he let loose their savage ferocity against the Mantis Warriors and the unsuspecting worlds of their domain.

Due to these events, Huron cut off all ties between the Maelstrom Zone and the outside galaxy, further pissing off the Trade Lords. One to the campaihn left of the picture and the other, with his captain, to the right behind a bunker. Pict-capture, Mantis Warriors strike force in the Bellerophon’s Fall warzone, ca.

Badab War: End of the Beginning – A Tabletop Gamer’s Diary

Lord Commander Ortys next viable target of opportunity presented itself in the form of campalgn Vyaniah System. With the aid of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors Collectively known as the Maelstrom Wardershe ruled the Maelstrom Zone, named because it contained the warp rift known as the Maelstrom.

However they have loaded up on the grav…. M41, appointing himself to ensure no further threat could manifest against the world.

The Imperium was now officially turned against the Tyrant of Badab and all who stood with him. At this stage the war is at an impasse and the Secessionists unexpectedly broke the standoff with a remarkable proposal. Bdab and cmpaign, the Astral Claws were swiftly isolated and destroyed in detail. Such were the dire sins and hidden truths that lay behind the war, that a pall of secrecy and lies descended about the conflict even as it was fought.

Badab War: End of the Beginning

Swiftly, the venerable Salamanders commander configured campxign bold attack plan. With the arrival of fresh reinforcements to replace them in the order of battle, the Marines Errant first took up reserve duty for the remainder of It has since become clear that this was a response to the turning-down of Huron’s proposal that the entire Maelstrom Zone be the subject of an Imperial Crusade planned and presumably led by himself.


The Badab War is notable in that primary combat operations were principally carried out by Space Marines alone, although there campaiign ordinary human naval and ground forces involved throughout the conflict, especially on the side of the Secessionists.

The Magos felt that there was no cause for them to interfere in what they perceived as an ‘internal dispute’ between rival Imperial factions. The Salamanders had been forced back to their landing zones and were forced to quickly construct some hasty fortifications, while the Marines Errant had driven forward through the defences of the Mantis Warriors and were laying siege to one of the industrial centres.

As for the Karthans, their own role in contributing to and worsening the unfolding events of the Secession smacked at best of gross arrogance, but more likely wanton ambition and misrule.

In the aftermath of the Tranquility campaign, the Fire Angels, having suffered heavy casualties, sought permission to withdraw from cxmpaign conflict.

At the height of the battle, the larger unknown vessel, badly stricken by fire from the Astral Claws strike cruiser, crashed into the way station and exploded, causing the asteroid to slowly break up in the cascade of debris. Almost impregnable to ground assault, the Star Phantoms instead assaulted the Palace via drop pods and thunderhawks under the cover of a colossal orbital bombardment.

Ads by Project Wonderful! Culln knew he simply could not afford to allow a general of Lufgt Huron’s calibre too long to rebuild, plan and prepare. Not long badan the year a question that had been concerning Imperial tacticians was at last seemingly answered. Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi, representing the aloof and secretive Minotaurs Chapter in the war council offered to take his personal guard and such forces he could muster to aid the Salamanders in this mission.

With the increase of Huron’s tally of victories, and the curtailing of corsair activity and the increase of production never before reached, the fame of the Astral Claws ‘Tyrant’ grew beyond the Maelstrom Zone. This force also included heavy presence of the Red Scorpions and Fire Angels as well as squad support from the Salamanders, Raptors and Novamarines.

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