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Aspirasi Pemerintahan Konstitutional di Indonesia: In the s, the NU still wanted to see Indonesia masali an Islamic state, and expressed its disapproval of a presidential speech in which Sukarno rejected this.

Indespite poor relations between the NU and Muhammidayah, the two organizations established the Supreme Islamic Council of Indonesia Indonesian: University of Illinois Press. On 2 Marchthe Permesta rebellion broke out.

Nahdlatul Ulama – Wikipedia

Other NU and Muhammadiyah figures held leadership positions. During the liberal democracy era —NU members served in a number of cabinet posts. They also use questionary method to receive and conclude all of religious issues.

The main contrast between them is that in NU, the concept is visible in the form of accepted culture, while in Shia, it takes the form of theology. CS1 Indonesian-language sources id CS1 maint: User Username Password Remember me.


Retrieved from ” https: However, the fundamentalist and compradore leadership of NU saw the pro-poor Communist Party of Indonesiawhich was close to Sukarno, as an obstacle to its ambitions, and competed with it to win support from the poor. Two years later, a dispute over the organization of the Haj pilgrimage led to Prime Minister Natsir’s opposition to the reappointment of Hasyim as religious affairs minister in the next cabinet.

BBC Indonesia in Indonesian. It also owns 44 universities, and is involved in economic and agricultural studies, and social activities including family planning.

Nahdlatul Ulama

It does not mean that NU rejects ijtihad, but NU precisely has a new direction in its ijtihad concept. From the research, we conclude that the methodology of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih takes more from the classical mujtahid, which mentioned in al-ilm ushul al-fiqh, with a limited modifications.


Toward a New Paradigm: Following the deposing of Sukarnothe New Order regime under President Suharto held elections in Recent Developments in Indonesian Islamic Thought. Their results of ijtihad can be categorized as fatawa.

Thus can be interpreted as an attempt of NU to be not stuck in “blind ijtihad”. Making Sense of the Secular: Nahdlatul Ulama literally translated to Ulama ‘s Revivalabbreviated as NU is a traditionalist Sunni Islam movement in Indonesia following the Shafi’i school of jurisprudence. Retrieved 5 December The Decline of Constitutional Democracy in Masai. Jalan Bubutan VI no.

At the same conference, Sahal Mahfudz was elected chair of the Supreme Council for the period. The NU was the largest party in its Massil Java base, and Program for Southeast Asian Studies The ijtihad model developed by NU is ijtihad which remains appreciative to the works of previous scholars, and without insists the developing dynamics in society.

Among the guerrilla groups fighting for independence were Hizbullah and Sabillilah, which were led by the NU. The NU was unhappy with its lack of influence within Masyumi, especially after a decision at the party conference changed the party’s religious council, on which the NU held several positions, into a powerless advisory body.

They were joined by most of the other Islamic organizations in existence at the time. The NU supported these calls. There are three research focuses in this thesis, The methods of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih and Lajnah Bahtsul Masail; The samenesses and differrences in system and method of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih and Lajnah Bahtsul Masa-il; and, the factors which cause the various differences in the system masaail method of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih and Lajnah Bahtsul Masail. However, following the fall of this cabinet, some NU members were opposed to the NU joining the new cabinet, to be formed by Burhanuddin Harahap Cabinetbelieving that if he was unable to form a cabinet, the NU would be invited to try.


However, with none of the blocks able to command a majority and push through the constitution it wanted, the assembly failed to agree and was dissolved by Sukarno in a decree on 5 July that also bahtsuul the original Constitutionwhich declared the state to be based on the Pancasila philosophy, not Islam.

The organization expanded, but the base of its support remained in East Java. Actually, Majlis Tarjih and Lajnah Bahtsul Masail have similar orientation of ijtihad, both of them believe in ijtihad jama’iy collective ijtihad and the same tarjih principles.

A History of Modern Indonesia Since c. Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities. Retrieved 17 November By the shift, NU attempts to survive to face the increasingly complex problems of its citizens. Equinox Publishing Asia Pte Ltd.

The so-called Ciganjur Four, named after the location of Gus Dur’s house, issued a declaration calling the Habibie administration “transitional” and calling for elections to be brought forward and for the Indonesian Military to end its political role [15]: NU was established in as an organization for orthodox Muslims opposed to the modernist policies of the Muhammadiyah organization, which rejected pre-Islamic Javanese traditions.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Internal Security. At the meeting, Gus Dur was warned to avoid unacceptable political conduct, and told that if he insisted in involving himself in politics, rather than confining himself to religious matters, he should express support for a further presidential term for Suharto. Explore Provide Connect Monitor Develop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gus Dur was reelected for a second five-year term as chairman, a position he held until being elected president in Three months later, elections were held for the Constitutional Assemblywhich was tasked with drawing up a permanent constitution.

From then on, it was expected that the NU would concentrate on religious and social activities.

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