(Engg), Sec. A & B of AMIE(I), A.M.I.E.E. (London), I.E.R.E. (London),. Grade I.E.T.E., Diploma and other Competitive Examinations. B.L. THERAJA. A THERAJA. E g1. S BllflNll .. if Mechanical are the carnn’ttin farms with namerttas varieties ctf Engineering – applicatiuns. Electrical. 1—} mechanical in} basic candit’itins in be fulfilled by the cans-ersien system. {bl methuds. A Textbook Of Electrical Tech. Vol. 1 Basic Electrical Engineering BL. THERAJA. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your.

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This book meets the requirements of Ist Year B. It covers the common subject of Basic Electrical Engineering introduced recently. It gives importance to the basic fundamental concepts and avoids the non-essentials which often confuse the students. Login Invalid login details.

Register For New Account. Forgot Password Invalid Email Id. Chand Publishing Trim size: Electgical and clarity of expressions are the two hallmarks of the book. It is easy, interesting to read and well-illustrated with neat and simple diagrams.


To facilitate Circuit analysis, Network theorems including Kirchhoff’s laws have been given in a very student – friendly treatment. Since magnetic circuit forms an integral part of all electric machines, it has been given extensive coverage.

Fundamentals of alternating currents and voltages have been discussed along with series and electrcial circuits including the phenomenon of resonance.

A Textbook Of Electrical Tech. Vol. 1 Basic Electrical Engineering BL. THERAJA

The complex algebra has been made unbelievably simple and easy to understand. The three-phase system of currents and voltages the most popular in enbineering world has been given in a very simple but effective treatment.

The two wattmeter method for measuring three-phase power and it has been discussed thoroughly because it is the favourite subject of examiners.

The basic construction, working principle and operation of D. Machines, three-phase and single-phase induction motors and synchronous generators and motors have been given with wide coverage.

The development of electromagnetic torque and power flow diagrams have been treated in depth.


The concepts of rotating magnetic field, synchronous speed and slip have been explained with remarkable simplicity.

Because of its importance from the examination point of view, all aspects of single-phase transformer have been explained thoroughly. The open-circuit eleftrical short-circuit tests have been discussed in full detail because these are the favourite topics of the examiners.

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