Fast paced with good historical content. Ben Mezrich has great style and say with words to engrossing you into his stories. Straight flush is no exception. In “Straight Flush,” Ben Mezrich follows a bunch of fraternity buddies through the rise and fall of what they hoped would be an online poker. After writing about MIT students who took Las Vegas for millions and the founding of Facebook, Ben Mezrich turns to online poker. “Straight.

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But while it was entertaining to a degree and read more like a novel, I just didn’t give a rip about the guys involved.

Pete certainly said it was a surprise. I’d love to give this book 3 stars or less because Mezrich’s writing is so cheesy, but I couldn’t put the book down. It was like interviewing Wall Street guys, not like interviewing cowboys or hicks or anything like that.

You could ask those guys and they would give the same answers. If I wanted those details, I’d be trying to dig up some good invest I’d love to give this book 3 stars or less because Mezrich’s writing is so cheesy, but I couldn’t put the book down.

The research is great, the unique tone of the work is top notch and the story itself is fantastic. Mezrich follows his formula from previous books pretty closely here. Bad username or password Sign in.

Exclusive: Ben Mezrich Discusses Straight Flush, Truth About Absolute Poker, and More

However, he did pass that rule that no one was allowed to come to the U. I think I finished it in about 3 hours of reading. That straighr pretty much most of my sources.


May 06, Philip de Vries rated it it was amazing. In early drafts of the book I let the guys see it because I wanted them to see whether it was accurate enough or not. That is all in the book.

Exclusive: Ben Mezrich Discusses Straight Flush, Truth About Absolute Poker, and More | PokerNews

I was skimming through it for background information. So what are you left with? Pretty much a non-stop party, but in a nauseating way. straigh

Then the plane crashes. The method works fine in his latest work, but I felt that he left a lot chips on the table with his latest work. Let me make one observation to let you know what kind of book it is: Was it American dollars? I mean, I feel as it is written in the book, is a very fair depiction of it. He just wanted it all to be over. Brent said he did try and do that. I get that call a lot. He never bothers to explain what an IPO is, despite the fact that it is a huge goal of the protagonists for part of the book, but he wastes a solid paragraph describing the over-lipsticked pant-suited appearance of an unimportant bank teller in Montana.

They took every precaution to be sure what they were doing was legal right to the end, paying back customers if there was any sign of illegal activity when hacked! If you enjoyed reading Bringing Down the House, you will likely enjoy reading this book.


Until you can show me evidence then it just seems ludicrous to me. Was there ever a discussion with the founders about segregating player funds, from operating funds?

Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich – Penguin Books Australia

I was writing a book about the rise and fall of Absolute Poker and the fall of an industry, which was to me a much bigger story. Dec 08, Nathan Sadowski rated it really liked it. That is where you should place the blame. I was expecting to read Bringing Down the Houseand am planning to read it soon, instead. For someone who was captivated by the poker boom, this book offers interesting insights. He really looked up to his brother and still looks up to his brother.

Department of Justice was gunning for them. So no I would not have done what these guys did. Instead, the author decides to simply skip either of these in favour of an overly-simplistic frat-boy romp, with all the critical moments either omitted or glossed over so as to get back as quickly as possible to the fast cars and topless chicas.

He claims he was not running the company. Where is this money now?

Was there any hesitation being that you got hard pitches from two of the founders. Books by Ben Mezrich.

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