John Dillery, Clio’s Other Sons: Berossus and Manetho, with an afterword on Demetrius. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, , Pp. Book review of Dillery (J.) Clio’s other sons: Berossus and Manetho, with an afterword on Demetrius. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. An Opportunity: Hellenization and World History. Something obviously very big happened in the history of the world in the Hellenistic period.

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It is an immensely stimulating book that will foster much future research on Berossus and Manetho. It is not known when he died. What subjects are you particularly inspired by at the moment?

An interview with John Dillery, author of Clio’s Other Sons: Berossus and Manetho

Gmirkin supposes that Berossus exclusively based his story of creation on Enuma Elish pp. Not surprisingly, no one before Gmirkin has ever supposed that Berossus is the direct source for the authors of Genesis 1—11, especially since the hypothesis implies that learned Jews of the third century BCE chose an inferior literary work on Babylonian history, written in berissus Greek Burstein, p.

How the Celts Came to Britain. Only in Book 3 do we see his opinions begin to enter the picture. This is his third book.

Their histories were written in Greek and betray active engagement with Greek historical writing, but at the same time these texts are clearly composed from native records, are organized along lines determined by local systems of time-reckoning, and articulate views that are deeply informed by regional scholarly and wisdom traditions. Certainly he furnished details of his own life within his histories, which contrasted with the Mesopotamian tradition of anonymous scribes.

Retrieved from ” https: Bryn Mawr Classical Review Who were to profit by the mission of Clearchus if not only fellow Greeks? Thus, what little of Berossus remains is very fragmentary and indirect. Within this construction, the sacred myths blended with history. Gmirkin analyzes common themes expulsion, conquest, slavery between Manetho and Exodus, but not the biblical text itself.

Reviewed by Joyce Rilett Wood Toronto. How is berissus transfer of knowledge made accessible or meaningful to the Bactrians themselves? Like Poseidonius’, neither Alexander’s nor Juba’s works have survived. The usual account of Mesopotamian history was Ctesias of Cnidus’s Berossiswhile most of the value of Berossus was considered to be his astrological writings.


Nothing of Berossus survives in Jerome ‘s Latin translation of Eusebius. If some parallel exists between Genesis 1—2 and Enuma Elish that does not appear in Berossus, Gmirkin asserts that it was likely present in the longer original version of Babyloniacathus resorting to argumentum e silentio to make betossus case pp. However, the material in Berossus was recorded by Abydenus c. It is an immensely stimulating book that will foster much future research on Berossus and Manetho.

What we have of ancient Mesopotamian myth is somewhat comparable with Berossus, though the exact integrity with which he transmitted his sources is unknown because much of the literature of Mesopotamia has not survived.

Seven later pagan writers probably transmitted Berossus via Poseidonius through an additional intermediary. Studies in Greek Historiography from the 4th to the 2nd Centuries B.

Perhaps that works if we see the city at Ai Khanum as an outpost — a sealed off enclave whose Greek inhabitants and visitors merchants?

What is clear is that the form of bersosus he used was dissimilar to actual Babylonian literature, writing as he did in Greek. Missing elements in brackets: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Clio’s Other Sons

But the mythic and archaic element was combined with the chronicles of rulers which can lay claim to being in some degree genuinely historical. One consequence was sophisticated theories about Celtic races with Druid priests in Western Europe.

Jewish and Christian references to Berossus probably had a different source, either Alexander Polyhistor c. berossud

Here we see his interpretation of history for the first time, moralising about the success and failure of kings based on their moral conduct. Pure history writing per se was not a Babylonian concern, and Josephus testifies to Berossus’ reputation as an astrologer. Views Read Edit View history. In my book I try to work out some of the implications of my view of Berossus and Manetho by looking at the ways people treat the issues of curating the past in pre- and post-colonial India.


These wise words of ancient men are set up, utterances of famous men, in holy Pytho, Whence Clearchus, having copied them carefully, set them up, beroossus from afar, in the sanctuary of Cineas. If Berossos believed in the continuity of history with patterns that repeated themselves i.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Eusebius, Chronicle, Table of Contents”. That Hellenization means not, or maentho just, the use of ancient Greek and Greek culture, but that the Greek language and the culture that berossuz it became things to think with in the ancient world more broadly. Berossus and Manetho operated at the crossings of several political, social, and intellectual worlds. Greek words lacking accents: Schnabel, Burstein think that a number of references are not what Berossus wrote himself but later interpolations by Jewish writers to make a reading conform to Genesis pp.

Pytho is another name for the Oracle at Delphi and transfers them, shining like a beacon, into the fastness of the Hindu Kush. Could they read Greek, or were they even literate in any language?

There is a collection of articles on Berossus: Befossus probably illusory, I like to bfrossus that I am letting the material dictate what large questions I end up asking. Prometheus touts all the many cultural benefits humans have received thanks to his gift of fire Aesch.

This book has a bold thesis and detailed argumentation: Fraser, Ptolemaic Alexandria Oxfordvol. How do you think this affects what modern historians write about recent history? What could be more exemplary of the process of Hellenization than such a text? Gmirkin does not consider the possibility that Babylonian and Canaanite literary sources lie behind the Exodus story.

He used ancient records that he refused to flesh out, and his account beroszus more recent history, to judge by what remains, contained nothing more than a bare narrative.

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