os riscos das condições orais e sistêmicas que envolvem o uso de bifosfonatos. para tratar a estos pacientes en las distintas especialidades odontologicas. Sobre el 70% de los casos se produce después de un procedimiento dental Palabras clave: osteonecrosis, bifosfonatos, osteonecrosis de los maxilares. La prevalencia de avulsión dental supone del 0, % de todas las lesiones .. (58), acetazolamida (59), bifosfonatos (60,61)o derivado de la matriz del.

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Sociedad de Periodoncia de Chile. Los resultados indican, que los pacientes en mayor riesgo de desarrollar osteonecrosis de los maxilares son aquellos que reciben terapia con bifosfonatos nitrogenados intravenosos.

El manejo de las lesiones es odomtologia alta complejidad. Bifosronatos recent years, due to different causes, an increasing number of patients are under medical treatment with bisphosphonates. These drugs might be associated with the growing of spontaneous ulceration of the oral mucosa and osteonecrosis of the jaws.

The purpose of this review is to describe the characteristics of bisphosphonates, its mechanism of action, clinical manifestation of osteonecrosis of the jaws, therapeutic management and prevention.

Patients treated with intravenous nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates, have a major risk to develop osteonecrosis. The mandible is more commonly affected than the maxilla. Probably the origin of the biifosfonatos of the jaws is a decreased microcirculation and a limited bone turnover due to bisphosphonates, leading to diminish their healing capacity and regeneration of the tissues. The management of the lesions is difficult. Palliative treatment is proposed with oral rinses and systemic antibiotic therapy.

Removal of necrotic bone is recommended in severe cases. In conclusion, is necessary to know this condition for an early diagnosis and treatment, so to prevent its apparition. In this way, it is recommendable to do an oral examination and odontoologia, to treat active oral infections and eliminate sites at high risk for infection before getting the bisphosphonate therapy started.


Furthermore, to avoid surgical procedures in risky patients. Scielo, ScienceDirect, Latindex, Redalyc.

Tratamiento de la litiasis renal con bifosfonatos

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Osteonecrosis de los Maxilares Asociado a Terapia con Bifosfonatos: Situación Actual

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BIFOSFONATO FINAL by Fabiola González on Prezi

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