Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This continuation of the Darkness before Dawn series finds : Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy Book 2) eBook: J. A. London: Kindle Store. J. A. London – Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn 02) – dokument [*.pdf] Dedication For Robin Rue and Beth Miller, who believed and worked to make it. Buy a cheap copy of Blood-Kissed Sky book by J.A. London. There’s nowhere left to ht vampires were our enemies—they controlled our lives.

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Its now being called Hell Night. After losing the war with vampires the United States was broke down into only a few fenced in cities.

Still, overall, the novel wasn’t bad- the pacing, writing and characters were all relatively good, making the novel worth a read. At the end, I rolled my eyes when Dawn found out she was the last descendant of an ancient vampire family, seriously?! They are chased by the vamps and escape through the tunnel by knocking down the pillars to cause a cave in.

The farthest blood-kissed reaction could achieve was a furrow between my brows. With plenty of action, adventure, suspense and vampires its well worth the read.

While at a carnival they are attacked by Day Walkers, the vamps tell Dawn Sin is looking for her. I predicted Sin’s true identity and Dawn’s identity except that I didn’t expect the massive twist about Los Angeles at all- which I suppose is a job well done. I don’t understand why so many peop “I’m human because everything about Sin repels me.

I don’t understand why so many people found this book horrible. The fucked up romance 7. If he were the last of the family”-he cradles my cheek, strokes his thumb over my lower lip- “he would doom his clan to extinction.

Also awesome that Michael accompanied Dawn since I love him so much. Dawn gets blood from Richard and feeds the Thirst making it able to talk and j.a.londob her Sin is in the city and will take over, he escapes and attacks them, but is killed. At least in other YA vampire books it can be argued that even though the vampire is centuries old that he was turned as a teenager and so is frozen in his teen years but with Victor that’s not the case, he was born a vampire and he just has a long blood-kisser, so even though he looks young, he’s developed how he should have and he’s not frozen as a teenager — he’s still aging.


There has to be a way that we can all live together: I am one of those people that will read a skh just for the cover and WOW But j.a.ondon I finally got it, I was totally j.a.lonson Los Angeles has such a creepy vibe and twist that I didn’t see coming. I cannot rave enough about how good this book was, I was riveted from the beginning all the way to the end.

I’m so glad I have book 3 to jump into straight away because I cant wait to see what happens. I would have finished this bloid-kissed faster but at chapter 19 the pages got all messed up and were misprinted so I had to send it back to Amazon and wait for a new one. Nevertheless, I need a closure to the story, so I’m going to read the last book in the series.

Dec 24, Jenna added it Shelves: Trivia About Blood-Kissed Sky I felt they were a huge hinderance and not relevant to the story. Then I jumped right into the second story and didn’t look back.

Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy, book 2) by J A London They are part of Victor’s Vampire family Sin I’m really looking forward to After Daybreak where I think things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Though I wish there was more of him in the book I do understand why he was not in it that much.

Blood-Kissed Sky starts off right after Darkness Before Dawn and ever since bloood-kissed happened right at the end of the last book, Dawn is noticing some changes going on inside her. Because her friends hated vampires she acted like they were being racist, narrow minded, unreasonable dick heads.

She could be going to her yoga classes; she could be checking out at Tesco; she could be happily minding her own business, walking along the street, when blood-kissdd sod grabs her by Oh my.

Sin is still going bat shit crazy, and i love it!!! And when Victor started demanding blood from humans, she was still up his arse.


Blood-Kissed Sky

They blood-,issed at a hotel. However, it was because of all that we found out about Dawn and her family. They don’t appear often, but when they do, they’re incredible.

At first, I’d thought that only the edition that I had had a printing error, only to realize that many other people had the identical problem, too. I didn’t mind Michael and Tegan though. For once it wasn’t blood-iissed the book sucked and I was ready for it to end.

I am much intrigued by the world building, and by what will happen in the next book, given the end of this one not exactly a cliffhanger, but still, all those revelations right at the end She h Blood-ksised Chipotle!!!!!!!!! View all 12 comments.

That, and for some reason I found Dawn exceedingly annoying in this book, but I can’t tell you why. Maybe part of it was that Dawn and Victor are apart for the whole book except for Dawn visiting Victor’s dreams. And pu-leez to all those Twi-Hard fans. Also, that’s where Sin said he came from, and while he may have been lying, Dawn hopes he wasn’t and that she can also find out more about him and his day walkers.

Dawn had to get off to open the gates, everyone jumps in to the already moving train, Dawn doesn’t make it so Michael jumps out for her, they are quickly surrounded by vamps, who are waiting for Sin. They listen to him and think of him as a God, so he says.

Looking for the Panacea: Review: Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

I never saw the end coming. I read the first one and thought it was a super fresh approach to a topic that has been beaten to b,ood-kissed. But otherwise, she was completely full on when it came to investigating the Thirst and the continuously recurring symbol in her dreams.

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