Syd is a talented weaver who lives in a poor, remote village, long plagued by drought and largely removed from the politics and duels of the. Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken – book cover, description, publication history. Conventional teen tropes translate surprisingly well to fantasy romance in an uneven debut.

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May many more follow! The pacing of the story was good with a wizard duel and some near misses with the bad guy. I really wish I would have read this sooner!!

Review of Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken Book Review. I was about twelve when I found out that my birthstone was aquamarine. I have never wanted a book to be a movie so much before, considering how incredible and amazingly detailed all of the big magic scenes were. There was actually a purpose and a basis for it, and I ended up giving in and saying, ‘Well, okay. With his capricious nature and tendency to overindulge, this unlikely wizard may hold the fate of the war wovsn weather-torn nation in his rough hands and Sydelle is not at all sure he is up to the task.

He has an endearing and lovable brigthly about him that makes you love him while still maintaining that bdacken of mystery that makes girls swoon.

But it wasn’t enough for me. That is pretty much exactly what Brightly Woven is like for me- has been twice now. Some fantasy can be overbearing, but Brightly Woven was a perfect mix of everything a good book needs. I love the high fantasy romance with tensions between countries and a probable war on the horizon.

Brightly Woven

Sydelle has joined the ranks of my favorite heroines. The review of this Book prepared by Sharon C. May 26, Valerie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Valerie by: But bouncing is unheard of. I just don’t know about this book. How is she getting replies? That really is something nowadays, to write a clean novel.


Now I need sanitizer when someone does not wash his hands after going to the restroom, so in my mind he is nice and clean by the end. I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest eoven.

Detailed Review Summary of Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

He was so swoon-worthy. North has the information to stop an imminent war, and he needs Sydelle to guide him to the capital. Christopher Paolini was fifteen when he wrote the first Eragon book, and even though I’m a rabid hater of the series, I still think he did a better job than Bracken.

But I nracken most people, especially the younger crowd, would enjoy this, and probably wouldn’t be bothered all that much by the little things I just can’t let go in life. With these kind of fantasy stories I wasn’t sure I’d understand the politics of it all, but the way it’s written gave me a wpven understanding to what I was reading.

Rachel, Fate, are we making those trading cards this summer? Added by 1 of our members. I recently put this on my TBR, so it’s always great to read what other pals think. View all 9 comments. But the sudden earthquakes and freak snowstorms may not be a coincidence. It took me about 50 or so pages to really get involved with the characters, I really wish I would have read this sooner!! It was hard to get into If Brightly Woven was an amusement park ride, I’d say it would be a wooden roller coaster – it’s fun and exciting at times, but the ride is very bumpy, rickety, and you wonder how in the world the coaster got a license to operate in the first place.


Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

The characters often do and say things that didn’t make sense, as if half the scene the important half with most of the information were missing. Have you ever seen those flashback scenes in movies?

Brightly Woven is an utterly charming, totally absorbing and wonderfully engaging read, something that makes your imagination soar and leaves you giddy with happiness after finishing it. Such a beautiful, beautiful darling. Poof, one day she’s an ordinary girl trying to deliver a message to the Wizard Guards, and in the next minute, she’s a jinx! Meeting a word count doesn’t mean you have to cut out essential parts of your story, and make it so choppy wocen uneven.

I delighted in his brief appearances in the story. The first pages give us a little background on Sydelle Mirabil, the main character. The next day, there is news that Saldorran soldiers may be preparing to march on Cliffton.

He took her away from her family and her comfort zone with zero explanation. Like Allexandra said, I liked North, but he seemed a little out-of-character. The world building matches the characters in both quirk and charm so that it was a pleasure to track their chaotic progress.

She wasn’t just a wizard who could perform magic, she could actually create it. It’s one of those books where not a lot happensthere is a lot going on, but it unwinds slowly. She mostly minds her own business and is well-to-do and happy in her own little corner of the world. Yeesh, the spine alone is enough to reel me in.

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