The Pleasures of the Damned: Poems, [Charles Bukowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To his legions of fans, Charles. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Bukowski’s chatty free verse (and fiction) about disappointment, drunkenness, racetracks. Buy The Pleasures of the Damned: Selected Poems Main by Charles Bukowski (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Bukowski’s comes off in this volume as a retched man that rejects most everything. I bought a book of Charles Bukowski’s poems a couple days ago.

Let me start by saying I totally understand and agree with the hype surrounding Charles Bukowski even if most of said hype is coming from a bunch of adolescents on Tumblr who most likely don’t have much life experience or at least don’t have enough life experience to sympathize with Mister Bukowski’s way of life not that I am dictating who should or shouldn’t read this as I think everyone should!

The final note plays like a familiar variation on an old jazz standard because a lot of work previously published in other collections makes a return visit in the pages of this fanatic-magnet of a hardcover.

And this damnsd his work great. While this may be true, the testament and the sheer weight of his own Akashic library will live on forever.

The Pleasures of the Damned – Charles Bukowski – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

The writing feels like that, to me. I strongly suggest that you check out some of his work and consider investing in a copy – once you find out just how he lived his life, you’ll wonder how he managed to survive in to his seventies and how such an old, cynical soul could have such a poetic voice. His approach to poetry, which he explains perfectly in “Poetry”, makes more sense to me than any other authors explination of it.


I understand that there is a recent shift toward multiculturalism, but this has not aged well at all. Feb 16, Fiona rated it it was amazing Shelves: CB’s pleasurez is the polar opposite of that. Now, I’ve got to admit here that so much, so far, is explained in the back of the book, but I figured that with words I had the time to cover the blurb.

Bukowski can be strangely comedic on touchy subjects, but he is also dangerously solemn when the idea of existence is discussed, such as in his poem “Mind and heart”. For starters, this collection seems to have been slapped together without any dates or order buokwski the work. Point of view Tips on technique 4: A poem in this category that stood out to me was “My last winter”: His p This sucks on such a high number of levels, it’s almost comical.

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He also worked in a dog biscuit factory, a slaughterhouse, a cake and cookie factory, and he hung posters in New York City bukiwski. Reading this volume has given me a real insight into the depressing views that he has with the majority of everything in his life. I’d rather read books, listen to music or watch films from an artist who’s consistently above-par than fixate on the tiny visionaries who knock one damhed two dingers out of the park and then disappear.

This book is really poorly put together.

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I haven’t had any real troubles in my life. On to the subject matter itself, Bukowski comes across as a leering, bitter old man.

Pleasures of the Damned: Poems 1951-93

This was my first major exposure to Bukowski. Thanks for telling us about the problem. And anyone who reads his work, hears him speak, instead of pigeonholing th There is only bukkwski other author who can do the things to my head and heart that Bukowski does, and that is Raymond Carver.

You really do get the distinct feeling that he feels sorry for himself and honestly, by the end of this book, you’ll feel sorry for him too. More books by this author. From a canonical standpoint, it is amazing to me that anyone especially women would ever read this trash.

The Pleasures of the Damned by Charles Bukowski

I am a straight-laced, teetotaling, money-saving, monogamy-loving, average-endowed young adult male. Paritoshika Singh Your review makes me want to read this book immediately! It’s not chronological at all and mixes damnef up. I am glad you lived the way you did and told us all about it.

British Bukodski Daljit Nagra. But mostly it was just too much bitter, sexist, white male obsessing over his bitter, sexist, white male problems.

I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before. Jean Genet called him America’s greatest poet.

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