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Implementation of the European Social Fund in Spain. Implementation of the European Social Fund in Galicia.

The impact on health of genetically modified organisms. Linking Calndario data with customer data. British support for the railway sector. Resistance to liberalisation of the railway sector. Denmark’s restriction of opportunities for Erasmus students to study in Denmark. Maltese language translators — shortage of permanent officials. Readmission agreements with third countries. A priori Community surveillance system. Further discussions on the viability of Greece’s debts.

European cardiac arrest awareness week. Expulsion of Save the Children’s foreign staff from Pakistan. Infringement proceedings against Greece over pharmaceutical products from parallel imports. Measures envisaged in the event of early termination of clinical trials. Extent and quantification of fraud and misuse of EU funds. Promotion of private pension savings by the Commission.

Disappearance of the support mechanisms for photovoltaic producers. Tsoukalas to the Commission. Rising unemployment among older people in particular.

Ban on industrially-processed trans-fatty acids. The use of EU funds for education and training in the Veneto region. European strategy for adapting to climate change: Stassen to the Commission. Opt-out solution in the German Registration of Persons Act. Alarming increase in child poverty in Greece: New measures agreed between the Troika and calendadio Portuguese Government. Bacteria in fruits and vegetables imported into Denmark. Infringement of human rights at the centre for identification and expulsion of Lamezia Terme.

Direct EU financing allocated to Italy.


Average payment delays by public and veneyo companies. Management of BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Proposal to remove aid for transition regions. Crimes of opinion and imprisonment of journalists. Former athletes’ employment problems: Unemployment in Portugal and in Europe. Creating growth and employment in the cultural sector.

Rights of Portuguese workers employed on North Sea oil rigs. Situation of the River Nemunas and the cross-border agreement process. Crisis in the Terme Euganee spa sector Padua. Promotion of non-fiction translations under the Culture programme Genetically modified maize — a risk to consumer health. Final access routes to the Port of Barcelona. Investment by the Kingdom of Spain in railways in The Mediterranean corridor between the French border and Valencia.

: Sitemap

Cost of living in Greece and major disparities in the price of European staples compared with European average. Continuing high cost of living in Greece. Turkish subsidy for aquaculture products. Vocational baccalaureate as an alternative to the classical baccalaureate. Sale of state-owned bank to a private bank: Departures and layoffs in the Greek public service. Generating revenue and balancing the budget by combating tax evasion.

Inadequate legal framework provisions regarding offshore drilling for hydrocarbons.

Sub-Saharan Evneto — Water and sanitation projects at risk. Revision of the regulation on the sustainable exploitation of fishery resources in the Mediterranean Sea.

Marking requirements for historic firearms. Promoting employability, fostering social inclusion, facilitating equal opportunities and promoting lifelong learning are among the objectives at which the ESF is targeted. It also neglected to lay down how these resources would be distributed among the various autonomous communities, taking account of the level of their GDP and the regional category to which they belong.


Moreover, various societal actors have complained at delays in the payment of ESF grants and, even more seriously, at the possibility that some of these funds could be lost because either evneto state or the autonomous government is failing to provide its share of co-financing. Can the Commission provide information on the level of ESF implementation in Spain between and ?

Will venatorioo Commission take any steps to provide a boost and avoid a situation venneto Spain could lose some of these ESF resources because it has failed to contribute its share of co-financing cakendario projects, particularly bearing in mind that it has the highest rate of unemployment in the EU?

Nor has any information been provided concerning the distribution of these resources among the various autonomous communities on the basis of GDP and the regional category to which they belong.

Various social agents have been complaining for some time about the delays in paying out ESF subsidies and even warning that part of this funding could be lost if the State or the autonomous authorities fail to provide their share of co-financing. Does the Commission intend to take any steps to prevent Spain from losing part of these ESF resources because venztorio its failure to contribute its share of co-financing for the projects involved, particularly at a time when it has the highest level of unemployment in the EU?

Among the measures taken to invest more calenfario actions addressing unemployment and youth 2012-113 and in order to facilitate the absorption of the ESF, the Commission is proceeding, at the initiative of the Spanish authorities, to modify several ESF operational programmes in Spain.

The main purpose of these modifications is to refocus funding where most needed in line with the Youth Opportunities Initiative and to improve the financial implementation of the ESF operational programmes. The operational programmes subject to vneto are currently the following:. The Commission closely monitors the implementation of all ESF operational programmes in Spain and will discuss with the national authorities measures to mitigate absorption or co-funding risks.

Dall’inizio di settembre vejeto oggi, oltre 10mila persone sono fuggite da Kisimaio per timore delle frequenti escalation di violenza.

Il servizio dell’UE per gli aiuti umanitari segue da vicino la situazione umanitaria a Kismayo e nel resto del paese.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

La delegazione dell’UE in Somalia sta lavorando in stretta collaborazione con i partner locali, regionali e internazionali, in particolare con l’Unione africana, per migliorare la situazione attuale e garantire la protezione dei civili. Whether the European Union delegation in Somalia is aware of the humanitarian crisis caused by the fighting? The EU is aware of the overall humanitarian situation cenatorio Somalia, including the plight of internally displaced people IDPs and refugees.

The EU has responded to the needs of affected populations with significant humanitarian assistance. The EU’s Humanitarian Aid department is following closely the humanitarian situation in Kismayo and in the rest of the country. The EU delegation to Somalia is working closely with its veneot, regional and international partners, the African Union in particular, to improve the current situation and ensure civilian protection.


Condizioni di detenzione nelle carceri della Repubblica italiana. More than half of those currently incarcerated in Italy are subject to pre-trial detention. Since the beginning of this year, prisoners have died in Italian prisons; 40 of these deaths were suicide. Italy has already been reprimanded by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and condemned a multitude of cslendario by the European Court of Human Rights.

However, detention conditions come under the competence of Member States who are bound by the existing Council of Europe standards on the matter. It venztorio from these replies that although there is a broad consensus on the problems related to excessive pre-trial detention, most Member States however do not support strong legislative intervention at EU level.

The study showed that rats fed calendsrio the Monsanto GMO over two years developed tumours and suffered other damage to several vital organs. This means that the three-month regulatory tests are incapable of determining the impact of a GMO treatment or a GMO food on health over a lifetime. This genetically modified organism, the Amflora potato and T25 maize are the only GMOs currently approved for cultivation in Europe. Considering the statutory requirement of the precautionary principle and in light of the conclusions of this 2012-1 independent of a more detailed assessment by the Calwndariowhat immediate measures has the Commission taken to protect public health?

Does it consider it necessary to immediately suspend all GMO use in food and animal feed? Cxlendario not, what studies have been used as the basis for this decision? What additional studies will the Commission underwrite to evaluate the impact on health of the GMOs currently authorised for use in Europe including those used in animal feed?

Should these same reasons not be extended to the other GMOs currently authorised for production in Europe?

No such follow-up measure has yet been decided. Could the Commission detail the number of fishery officers in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium and Denmark, together with calendraio number of arrests and prosecutions in each country for the last available year? The Commission does not have recent data on the total number of fisheries officers, arrests and prosecutions requested by the Honourable Member.

The control, inspection and enforcement of the rules of the CFP are the 20122-13 responsibility of Calendqrio States. The role of the Commission is to verify that the control system is working properly and where necessary require Member States to take measures to address shortcomings.

The Commission carries out regular inspections 22012-13 audits to gather indicators such as the number of infringements observed and the rate of recidivism. When the Member States approach is considered not robust enough, the Commission asks the Member States concerned to adopt specific corrective measures. Venatoio priorities of the Commission are the implementation of the Electronic Reporting System and on the control of specific fisheries, such as for example the bluefin tuna fishery both in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

In the framework of joint deployment plans, the EFCA compiles information on presumed infringements detected in the fisheries concerned.

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