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Creo que si no tuviera brillos seria uno de mis labiales favoritos. Monday, November 10, Catlogo X-tra time x-tra Candy, x-tra nude, y x-tra gold nuevos colores de Cyzone.

I couldn’t be happier, I feel so free.

BELCORP – We promote beauty to achieve personal fulfillment

I am in love with catlaogo It is from the warm and cozy collection. I am soooo in LOVE with these lipsticks!! It’s a very unique color. They are very moisturizing and pigmented. It is a matte magenta that really pops. Kangaroo Free Vector Art licensed under creative commons, open source, and more!

Tengo un monton de labiales nuevos esiks mostrarles pero he estado muy perezosa con mi blog. I know the last 2 entries were in Spanish; I’m trying to get in touch with my roots, ya know?

So this is my first post and I am very excited.

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cqtalogo Mi favorito es el Chocolate Satin, aunque tiene muchos brillitos. It is a very sheer pink with a grey tint. It has no shimmer and it suits any kind of makeup whether you want to be natural or edgy. I enjoy Belcorp and I love what I do, it challenges me permanently to achieve the extraordinary, it inspires me, energizes me, excites me.


Catalogo Expofertas C-17 Cyzone Esika LBEL Belcorp 2014 Brochure Virtual Online

Examples include the Australian national rugby league team The kangaroo is the logo of Qantas Airways depicted on the tail of the aircraft. They have no shimmer, which I love. The lip liner is a bit sticky and it takes about 3 minutes to dry after you apply it. If it gets annoying, you can always just hit translate.

My favorite so far is Marron glamour. I prefer the X-tra time ones over the Circus collection because I don’t like to continuously re apply my lipstick. It is a bit similar to Cyzone’s Xtra Melon but brighter.

La verdad es que he estado muy ocupada. Alright ladies, thanks for reading my blog. Oh and I got some new ink and thought i’d show it off. Yo soy una leche completamente. Just as I promised I have some swatches of my new Esika Colorfix lipsticks. Apply small business actions and thus make the consultant earn more and with that change the life of her entire family So let me just say that I am in love with the 90’s comeback and to celebrate I got these two babies.

My days are exciting not only because of the goals I want to overcome, but because of the continuous learning. I ended up giving it to my mother and she loves it.


If you have the chance, try it! The connection with the people is of the utmost importance, because you grow as a person and as a professional, I love Belcorp! A mi me queda tirando a naranja pero a otras pieles se les ve mas nude, depende si eres bronceada o tienes la piel mas oscura.

As soon as I saw them I knew they had to be mine. It’s very pigmented and it’s similar to Cyzone’s X-tra melon but more orange. Aqui tienen los mios de Izquierda a derecha: Oporto es el mas oscuro de los 3 y tambien tiene brillos color plata. I’ve been super busy with work, but I wanted to tell you ladies about this amazing lipstick I recently ordered from Esika.

I really like this shade, although I don’t think it’s super unique like Rojo cautivante. Here is one of my newest ones from Esika. Estos labiales eika gustan mucho y son muy durareros. From left to right: Me recuerdan mucho a mis otros favoritos que son Mac.

Once dried, you apply the lipstick on top. De todos modos, es muy hermoso y es muy natural. Ok, so on to the swatches without filters so you can get an idea of the true color.

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