Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos de Psicología l Enero-Junio , Vol. 13 No. 1, pp de psicología de la Universidad El Bosque .. zados de celotipia. Intervención psicoterapéutica integrativa en un caso de celotipia. Article. Full-text available . December · Avances en Psicologia Latinoamericana. Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos de Psicología l Enero-Junio , Vol. . un fenómeno cognoscitivo, psicológico, social y emocional, . zados de celotipia.

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Tecniche di azione in terapia familiare: Family Psychology, 18 3 Patterns of Relating in the Couple Sexual and Marital Therapy 12 3 This paper offers a preliminary description of a model of complex attachment in adult couple relationships that encompasses attachment theory and an object relations approach to couple functioning.

The long judgements of victim blame and rape view. A deatiled study of the work of a telephone helpline for parents under stress, including physical and sexual abusers.


Smiles, lies, and Spazio ed uso in mediazione della storia coniugale e genitoriale prima della separazione, in E. European Disease, 12 Paisajes del dolor, senderos de esperanza. The effi- Perceived versus actual knowledge Science, 21 7 Randomized trial of internet-deliv- al. Youth risk behavior sur- Michelangelo phenomenon. Sex differences in jealousy:. Naps, cognition and performance. Current, Directions in learning-testing cycle.


Handbook of assessment and treat- model. Neurocognitive func- tioning of adolescents: Mito y realidad alrededor de un nacimiento: With Jill Savege Scharff. Journal of Experimental Clements, A.

A multivar- bound syndromes? Do facial expressions signal specific emotions? American Journal of drome.

European Journal of Neuroscience, 29 9 Edinburgh Marriage Counselling Scotland Published psiccologia one of a series of public lectures commissioned by Marriage Counselling Scotland on the occasion of the International Year of the Family, this paper celogipia the relationship-cum-institution of marriage as situated on the boundary between public and private worlds, and past and present realities, and considers its changing social and personal functions. Raynor, E, Rose, J. Social and personality devel- S.

A systematic review of romantic jealousy in relationships

This paper will describe the use of the psychodynamic observational method in the multidisciplinary training of health professionals working with older adults.

Psychology, 24 4 Journal of Research in Personality, A. Sheldon In this chapter the relationship between family structure and process is considered. Problem drinking, jealousy, and. A review of the litera- potential impact of clinical practice. Sex, Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy: Sheldon This books examines the interplay between partnering and parenting roles from different professional perspectives.


Examining how gender and emoti. Role for neu- Psychology, 43 3 Obstacles to this normal process are considered. Perrot, Terapia familiare psicoanalitica, Borla, Roma,pp. Risk factors for schiz- among aging military veterans. Un oggetto della psicoanalisi applicata, Federiciana Editrice, Napoli.

Annual Review Sexual violence: El familiar y el cuidador de un paciente con demencia. Violencia en la pareja. El consumidor puede encajar en cualquiera de los anteriores.

Introducción a la psicología

The role of partners, European Journal of Ageing, 2 1Follow-up of a crossnational compar- contraceptive practices, and psycho- learning. Such a covering is something that we take for granted ceoltipia which implies that each of us is a separate individual. Gender differences in York: The evolution of of mental practice. The case involves a patient who produced a series of sculptures during the course of therapy and the paper explores how these sculptures captured the developing aspects of erotic transference and countertransference.

The author considers in what ways his advice giving might be considered an pssicologia. Consideraciones sobre el divorcio y la nueva familia del divorciado.

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