Chaffoteaux & Maury Ltd., as a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial water heating appliances, as well as domestic unvented direct and indirect. Boiler Manuals for the Chaffoteaux & Maury range. Chaffoteaux Calydra Range · Chaffoteaux Centora Green Range · Previous Page · Find Your Local Branch. Chaffoteaux Water Heaters Boiler Manuals, Gas Manuals, over Free Gas Boiler Manuals, Gas Installation Manuals, Gas Servicing Manuals, Gas User.

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Chaffoteaux & Maury manuals

The display stops flashing. The pump fitted on the boiler is a double speed model. The enclosed charts indicate the residual head of the pump available for the system. DHW Open the main cold feed valve Setting The Time Clocks In IE the requirements given under chaffkteaux current edition of I. Press on setting key key on the Left side to enter in modification mode. Provision must be made to allow the correct routing of the flue and siting of the terminal to allow the safe and efficient removal of the flue products.

The green indicator manhal will stop – Switch off the main electrical supply – Shut mayry the gas service tap 39 fig. The 3 dots indicate that the combustion rate control is ON at maximum output. Save energy Energy saving tips. This appliance must only be used for the purpose for which it is designed.


Central heating output reach the maximum power set in menu 4 section 9. An example of this is given in the curent edition of I.

View your documents Cancel. Save to your online account What’s this? Central heating return isolating valve If the pressure level drops on a frequent basis, it is likely there is a water leak in the system. A trap giving a water seal of at least 75mm must be incorporated into the pipe run, there must also be an air break upstream of the trap. To assist us in providing you with an efficient after sales service, please return the guarantee registration card enclosed with the boiler without delay.

Jump to main content My Home My Business. Removing The Fan As you have already saved the maximum of 9 manuals to your online services account you need to delete one of these before you can save another one. Removing The Ignition Electrode Demonstrate how to maintain the system pressure.

Chaffoteaux & Maury Calydra comfort 100 Manuals

After programming please close the door P Fig. Recalling the basic configuration: Twitter YouTube Facebook Latest news. Check the operation of the boiler controls and safety devices.

The Centora Green does not contain any asbestos or asbestos products, or mercury derivatives. Service Interval Record Keys mauryy and 32 allow to adjust the temperature required in the Central Heating system regarding the weather conditions. Removing The Temperature Sensors ntc’s Provision must be made to fill and recharge the system pressure.


Chaffoteaux & Maury Calydra comfort Manuals

The menu number is displayed for 3 seconds. Advice on installation or servicing can also be obtained by contacting the Technical Department on: Manually check pump is free to turn.

Press the Central Heating switch 29 Fig.

The boiler is designed for sealed systems only and a circulating pump, expansion vessel together with a pressure gauge and safety valve are included within the boiler. Cleaning The Primary Heat Exchanger The boiler is equipped with an automatic anti freeze system which permanently on. Lowering The Control Panel When disposing of the ceramic lining, ensure that it is securely wrapped and wash hands after contact.

A compartment or cupboard may be used provided that it has been purpose-built or modified for the purpose. Setting The Mechanical Clock If this is the case, your installer must inspect the system. Central heating pressure relief valve 18 41 43 chaffoteaaux How to Use Switching on 1.

Chaffoteaux & Maury Britony combi Manuals

Press on key on Right side times. Central Heating Open flow and return valves on the boiler 37 and 41 Fig. If there is a possibility of the incoming mains pressure exceeding 10 bar, particularly at night, then a suitable pressure limiting valve must be fitted.

Adjusting The Co

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