Step 1. Error setting up player: Invalid license key FOUNDATION ONE ADD TO CART$ . Coach Sommer GymnasticBodies. Yes, I Want 25% Off!. Initially, I was a CrossFit follower, and found the GB website through Christopher Sommer’s (GB’s founder) posts on the CF site. This was when. I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself.

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I would definitely recommend this exercise to all, just be sure not to hyper-extend your lower back when you do it, aim for a more anterior pelvic tilt by pressing your hips into the mat. I have to agree with you, Naterman was talking about adding weighted chhristopher to be done in conjunction when he was still on the boards.

Now that is chrisgopher, a trainee should follow standard strength protocols to establish higher reps. Keith Pettit’s material is another example of focusing on a small group of specific targets. Hi Premo, thanks for your comment.

Disregard an expert practitioner’s suggestions at their own peril; or follow a different coach. When you have the GB head coach performing half-reps in the follow-along videos, but you hold your students to a higher standard than him, it smacks of inconsistency and arbitrariness.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results – harrycloudfootharrycloudfoot

His expectation and not an unrealistic one is that eventually 5×15 will be muscular endurance and not maximal strength. I wish you all ssommer success with playing around with this combo. The guys you see on Ytube doing these elements have spent years training. Nobody’s first handstand will look like Yuval’s. What you and others are sensing, arguments regarding genetic gifts and neuroplasticity and self-selection aside, is that in general template programs do not and can not best attune to an individual trainee’s specific needs.


Gymnastic Bodies Review: Foundation, Handstand 1 and 2, Stretch Series : bodyweightfitness

Personally, I have enjoyed this program and feel comfortable recommending it to others with a caveat: I am just starting F1 and I am really confused about something: Hi Johnny, Thanks for your comment. Still a work in progress, I believe a handstand is one of those things that you keep perfecting over time. So, one by one; Diet — I tracked my daily calorie intake, roughly. Get yourself a decent pair of wooden gymnastic rings.

Start easy, add as you can moving forward. Really great amount of info on Handstanr and your opinions and progress on it. For a female who did oly lifting for 2 years, I can skip all the way to the last progression of squats in F1, but my upper body is seriously lacking! Doing them EVERY week is helping, while it might be suboptimal to a more self aware and nuanced approach that you chrristopher get from using Kit’s material I just don’t have the time and energy to figure it all out, I do however use Kit’s techniques while following the S videos.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Couple of questions — did this make up the entirety of your training for the 8 weeks or did you mix in other elements? The GST stuff has given me progressions to work towards, which I do really enjoy.


I found the foundation ok, good progressions. Most handstnd, I paid attention to my body during the training and in between sessions to see how fast I could recover.


Especially F1 and some of F2. The brain of children are more plastic; they adapt quicker to stimuli and thus achieve great features of strength that requires significantly longer time for adults to achieve.

But I disagree that they are claiming you too can do those moves in 8 weeks or less. For beginners I think it’s often not getting recovery and diet right. The forum is filled with discussions about the first few exercises, but you don’t really see any successful role models that have completed the progressions. I’ve made great progress in some other areas like overall body strength and structure which has been a huge boost to injury prevention doing BJJ. Hi Collims, Thanks for christooher comment, I understand what you are saying.

Hi Doug, No worries. What you will notice if you embark on this Gymnastic journey, is that Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself. I tried to maintain the regularity, as you will see in the programme, it gives you options depending if you want to train 3, 4 or 5 times a week.

Hanestand final thing to look at is the tightness of your hip flexors. Thank you for your great review of F1! And it is just a static position. I would christopjer that you keep trying! The answers are quite simple, really.

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