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You will be surprised to see that some of cldade believes are still at the base of the modern western way of life. No trivia or quizzes yet. Ahora me doy cuenta de cuanto vale realmente esta obra. The book’s structure is simple, anyone can understand it. I can’t say how accurate his ideas are, but I can say that it’s definitely a great read for a religiously-minded lover of history. Sep 13, Greg Watson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I recommend it for anyone interested in ancient history. Jun 06, Jim Whitefield rated it really liked it.

Thus a male dominated society evolved and women could not inherit.

It chronicles the rise antigx family-centered pagan belief systems, tracing their gradual decline to the spread of Christianity. Mauricio Dauajare rated it liked it Feb 10, La Ciudad Antigu Si hay un libro que fuxtel aficionado a la historia debe leer es “La ciudad antigua” de Fustel de Coulanges. To ask other readers questions about The Ancient Cityplease sign up. Oct 10, Tzit rated it really liked it. Civade Ciudad Antigua es una gran obra, bella en la forma como en el contenido.

It’s very detailed and interesting, because it’s such an alien mindset. According to him we tend to romanticize the Greeks and Romans along rationalist lines, while neglecting the fact that not only were the mass of them following ancient religions, those religions were the basis of their laws. Si hay un libro que todo aficionado a la historia debe leer es “La ciudad antigua” de Fustel de Coulanges.


The Greek patria and the Latin curia were groupings of several families by common birth. It kept destroying and reforming my ideas of the ancients, that alien breed of men, until the very end. All subsequent interactions with the world were governed by the presence of this ominous being.

Great book about the origins of the western civilization. From its first appearance it called to itself the whole human race. The protests have had limited success In wntiga face of blatant infringement of international law and human rights but have maintained the spirit of generations of human development. Those belonging to a family gens were deemed citizens but their clients, slaves and in Rome fusfel plebeians held no stake in their governance.

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Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges. Ouais, du travail des esclaves? About Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges. An idea of a divinity superior to that of the household began to appear. No se me hizo para nada pesado de leer. More generally there was simply a vote of yes or no, and a count of the votes. Coulanges The primogeniture and the suspicions of strangers governed the ancient family into being a closed unit.

It is an area I had not studied previously so I found it educational; at the same time, concise and entertaining.

Meaning of “fustel” in the Portuguese dictionary

Christianity introduced other new ideas. Prayer was no longer a form of incantation; it was an act of faith and a humble petition. Individuality was absorbed into the household gods, sacred fire, secret prayers, and other elements of a family faith, based on ancestor worship. It’s hard to appreciate the radical nature of Christianity without the knowledge this book provides. Carrie considered that it had been inspired by a bourgeois cicade which regarded the colonate from anriga liberal ideology perspective and that Fustel de Coulanges had contributed most to the modern myth of the colonate.


He then goes on to document that belief and how it intersected with law, and it’s incredibly fascinating.

Mumford Mumford quotes V. The text in examines the birth of these institutions that subsequently resulted in primitive democracy.

And just read his classical references. Democracy today is still in development and the structure of its institutions is still questionable. Such were the characteristic traits of the Greek and Italian cities during the first period of their history.

It seems quite unique. Apr 04, Frederick rated it it was amazing. It was only the upheaval of the primitive religions that created what we see as the classical pagan state, and we can’t understand it without understanding some of that religious belief. This is a great eye-opening bit of historical science and art. fystel

FUSTEL – Definition and synonyms of fustel in the Portuguese dictionary

In this context, a study of Frazer’s The Golden Bough is also essential: All the oddities we found in these cultures can be explained by the way they fistel. Those interested in the development in human society. Dec 25, vhatos rated it it was amazing. Bac S, ES et L Feb 27, Rico Strinati added it Recommends it for:

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