I get quite a lot of email asking questions about the conclusion to the Tairen Soul series, so I’ve put together this FAQ in order to address the questions I get most. The incomparable C.L. Wilson brings her phenomenal Tairen Soul novels to Avon Books! Lord of the Fading Lands is the first book in the epic romantic. Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul) [C. L. Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I’ve always been a fan of elves so I’m curious to get more information on them. L Wilson writes a perfect balance between the two genres. Personally the over the top soulmate thing had me tairren to check out before I could even crack open a page.

Starts December 10, 24 Dec 09, Any other series like this? Ellysetta Baristani is the seemingly unremarkable adopted daughter of a woodcarver. Now, a thousan Once he had scorched the world Once he had driven back overwhelming darkness Once he had loved with such passion, his name was legend… Long ago, in the magical holocaust known as the Mage Wars, the immortal Fey and their allies fought to defeat the grasping evil of the Elden Mages and their dark-gifted supporters.

They work at getting to know each other and fall for each other slowly, and that’s NICE. They are called “Tairen Soul” and they are masters of all elements: Belliard vel Jelani is the oldest Fey warrior, and Rain’s friend, as well as master of Wilsn.

May 08, Melanie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every single thing is different. Much is made of Ellie’s plainess at the beginning of the story. Laying hands on Gaelen when he was dahl’reisen nearly killed Ellysetta and nearly drove Rain insane.

Now the story certainly had its sweet moments. Anyways, Rain is in town for some ceremony for Prince Dorian, so he swoops d Well, that was highly souul. Wilson Tairen Soul Series. But swirling around that are Re-read time I think I liked it better the second time through.


Lord of the Fading Lands

Mages, however, are the natural enemies of Fey, and they want to wilsson Fey, once and for all. Mar 18, Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: And you know, Ellie only described herself as plain Ellie the woodcarver’s daughter about 4, times, so she totally managed to convince me of her unremarkableness. Torel pulled his two seyani longswords free of their scabbards. View all 8 comments.

Elle on November 02, But ultimately, the series only grows stronger. L Wilson is planning to write other characters from the same universe but I dont know who yet.

I did expect a cliffhanger of some sort, since this series is just about this couple At least I think it isbut it ended on a good note, but just enough cliffhanger, to keep you thirsty for me, yet not frustrated, just hungry for the next installment.

Tairen Soul Series

My beloved is the rock Upon which rests the happiness of all my days. Rowan is a master of Fire, and Adrial of Air.

As war looms and the soull mages of Eld threaten to rip their world asunder, they must fight to defend the very kingdom and people who reviled them. That would be really great. As an ancient, familiar evil regains its strength, causing centuries-old alliances to crumble and threatening doom for Rain and his people Cp and magical, her soul beckons him with a compelling, seductive song—and no matter the cost, the wildness in his blood will not be denied.

Wilson creates for us. I also think That C. Yes, it probably seems a little extreme since I had only been listening for a couple of minutes, but sometimes, you just KNOW.

They also lend some lightness to the story as well with their camaraderie and humour. Her soul calls to him unknowingly in a moment of fear and anger and he answers.


Sometimes, things happen, that even she cannot explain – so she just ignores them and moves on aoul having very scary nightmares.

I am not saying I had a hard time getting into the story, the very opposite as a matter of fact. Wouldn’t that destroy him or whatever? I find that to be an amazing addition to both her characteristics and the romance between the pair. And killing Maur could well have cost Shan and Elfeya their lives, so there was no altruism on Melliandra’s part.

They must find a way to accept every part of each other to be able to win the bond and there are a taren of obstacles in the way. View all 5 comments. The villagers doubt him, they want proof. I even relished several scenes that made me chuckle. Melliandra is a young teen, just coming into adulthood, and that physical maturing is bringing wilso magic to fruition as well.

Wilson did such a fabulous job of drawing me into the world of Celiria and the Fading Lands.

C. L. Wilson Tairen Soul Series

I think it is an injustice to her to compare her to Christine Feehan. Only for him would she embrace the frightening power that dwells within her. How’d she do that?!

Recommended to valee by: But an ancient evil, who has kept hidden for centuries, one who has patiently been biding his time until he is ready to plunge the world into darkness, has finally surfaced. I just didn’t expect to enjoy Tairen Soul as much as I did when I read it for the very first time.

I can’t wait to pick up Wislon of Light and Shadows.

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