Codex of Adventure, vol. I. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT USES THE ARCANIS ROLE-PLAYING GAME SYSTEM. Arcanis: The World of. Codex Arcanis has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. The Codex Arcanis is the essential tome for the critically-acclaimed Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires c. Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires is a role-playing game that immerses you and your players in a story-telling adventure while testing your tactical skills.

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Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Welcome to the world of Arcanis, the world of shattered empires. When their land was threatened centuries ago, the Altherians prayed to Althares for help. Epic battles, political intrigue and intricate mysteries keep players coming back for more.

But it doesn’t help it at all to skew the review just to get attention. If I had been one of the children, I would pesonally have gutted him to stop the monotony of his speech.

Because of their bloodlines, Dark-kin tend to be marginalized in society. This chapter also deals with gnomes, who happen to be twisted half-breeds that are despised and reviled.

Codex Arcanis (Arcanis; Pci1115)

Unlike most fantasy worlds where the individual nations live a vacuum until a world spanning threat appears, the World of the Shattered Empires has seen constant strife as nations form into one arcnais or another and then split off to war over territory for the simple motives of resources and ambition.

Races, feats and prestige classes – all approved for use with Living Arcanis. The Elorii follow the Elemental Lords that created them, despite the destruction of four acanis them. It would practically have sufficed to say “There were a lot of wars, against everybody”.

Its a shame that the chapters later in the book e. No Web Links Found. A god of disease could have two completely different clerics who serve him. Presently, there are two notable variations of Humanity: The primary human lands are:. Your password must be at least 10 characters long. Cursed by the god Iliir, their leaders turned to stone and the leaders’ hearts to gems.


Level Based Arccanis XP and level up. The elves escaped of course, but only to be abused by humanity later. Return to Book Page. Presently, they use their knowledge to remain neutral though they are severely threatened by the serpentmen nation of Ssethregore.

The Ssethregoran Empire once worshiped the gods Kassegore and Yig.

Both blank although the main map is stuck to arcnais inside back cover. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Jumping to the rear of the book, the dry style atcanis off in the crunchy bits of the Appendixes. The Milandir are focused towards the Arts sub-sections on literature, music, dance, theatre, and code but have military might too sub-sections on the navy, the king’s guard, the knightly orders, and conscripts.

The Ashen Hide Clutch now resides in the nation of Canceri. This more realistic approach to fantasy in the Codex shines the best in the pages of the various nations of the known xodex in Onara. Due to the problems that the first two gifts have caused, the Altherians have not yet dared ask for the Third Gift from Althares. Want to Read saving…. Codex Arcanis The scions of the great noble houses harken to the blood of the ancient Valinor in their veins, blood that binds them to serve the gods by ruling over the rest of humanity.

They had come to worship a god known as The Fire Dragon.

The three main elven nations are then covered and there is a sidebar on the Wandering Elves the Laerestri who have recently emerged from the forests and now roam Onara.

The text then deals with Canceri society the people, nobility, and the church.

Codex Arcanis (Arcanis; Pci) by Paradigm Concepts

Races, feats, and prestige classes – all approved for use with Living Arcanis A complete codes, unlike any fantasy religion in that it is left to mortals to interp The Codex Arcanis is the essential tome for the critically-acclaimed Arcanis: This article has multiple issues.


The interior art ranges from average to good and there is an attractive codsx map. Most of humanity are latecomers to the continent of Onara where most of the current story takes placebut at least one group, the Pengik, predate the Ss’regorean Empire, who have the oldest recorded history. When you say something like that, it makes me rethink how I took the rest of your review. This world is not for those who put their tongue firmly in cheek.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dark-kin are the results of a period of Onara’s history called the Time of Terror, when Demons, Devils, and other Infernals were released from the Hells by the powerful magics of the Myrantian Empire. Other pantheons such as the Pantheon of the Elves, are broken, or destroyed leaving only one or no gods behind.

Their leaders were turned to stone and the giants were transformed into the dwarven race. Other kingdoms have stood their ground and defended their citizens against such recruiters. The Deities of Arcanis are sectioned off into different pantheons.

Arcanis – Wikipedia

The Altherians coxex the chosen people of Althares, the god of knowledge and artificers. However, unlike their Dwarven parents, Gnomes are not barred from the afterlife. Examine Technique allows you to discover what your opponents combat modifiers areand three Knowledge-based skills disease, planar species and thanatology study of death, funerals, mummification, etc.

In some countries, the job is easy since these new talents are considered a tithe to placate the god-like Sorcerer King. Campaign Setting game world.

Every Val has a bloodline, which is tied to a specific god; they have divine powers which they may improve; these are related to their bloodline. The main race in the arcajis are known as Kio, humans who legend tells once lived in cities in the sky.

Maps are basic and would benefit from more detail and clearer political boundaries.

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