O Cronovisor do Padre Ernetti. 2 likes. Book. Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up. It’s free and anyone can join. Already a member? Log in. This Page. or to do such ‘reading’ in the problematic so-called ‘regressions’ since recently is first wrote about a Padre (Father) Pellegrino ERNETTI upon whose initiative an there was silence about the chronovisor until ERNETTI delivered a lecture. Cronovisor do Padre Ernetti: a Criação e o Desaparecimento da at AbeBooks. – ISBN – ISBN – Pensamento.

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Others have tried to find the operating principle of a vehicle to move on the timeline.

Agony in the Garden of Gethsemanethe betrayal of Judasthe trial, ordeal. Their names remained unknownbut the monk confessedhowever, that among those who worked on chronovisorincluded the Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi cronovisod Wernher von Braun, rocket experttwo of the greatest physicists of the world and ” parents ” of american atomic program. No one knows exactly how it got to the first successful experience.

Chronovisor had already been destroyed. In timeErnetti research es joined 12 scientists. This new material, though it fitted perfectly Ennius’s play, caused great controversy within the church, as of course did Father Ernetti’s ernerti visions of the life of Christ. Father Ernetti eschews any connection with parapsychology or metaphysics, claiming instead that his machine is based on the scientific principle that light and sound waves are not ernettti after emission but are transformed and remain indefinitely in the ether.


If this device really exists, its principles could have many uses. First, the Vatican was accused of hiding the records of priests who’ve abused kids. Views Read Edit View history.

With the help of other scientists, he built a time machine and brought back a picture of Christ and a selection from a Quintus Ennius play called Thyesteswhich was performed in B. Father Ernetti said he cronovixor traveled to Rome in B. As Krassa attempts to reconcile fact and fiction, his book will challenge your thinking – but we are reminded of Hamlet’s observation: Reading this book is in itself an expedition in time travel.

All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from December The possibility of time travel fascinates people in ancient times.

First published in as Die Schichsal ist vorherbestimmt Your Destiny is Foretoldby Peter Krassathis edition has been expanded to include previously unreleased documents that have recently been made available to the American editors – the most intriguing of these being the long-lost Latin text of Quintus Ennius’s play, Thyesteswhich is reported to have been brought back through time by Father Ernetti.

While The New Times works to review only the latest titles, this one at just over half a year old deserves a second look. He claimed to have yoked quantum physics to the occult arts to construct a time-machine – the chronovisor.


According to the same wrnetti, however, Ernetti also affirmed that the machine was genuinely functional. I would not recommend this device fall into the public because stupidity has no limit Krassa fails to provide us with any real reason why we should accept this serial as truth.


This is one of the most interesting accounts I have read, and I recommend it for those wanting to take an unusual reading trip. The monk really invented something, but the Catholic Church does not say what. He told how egnetti had to go back a few days, the Last Supper in the evening.

Gemelli was convinced that this is his father ‘s voicewhich shocked the two. Never made public the names ofcollaborators.

The Chronovisor – the device that takes pictures from the past ~ Environment Clean Generations

The third component was a complicated mechanism to record the sounds and images. Actually, i think there is even more probabilities for a “visor” machine than an artifact that takes physical objects in another time. The book dips into many of the areas that will crojovisor of interest to Cronivisor Factor readers, from fringe science to the occult, and offers insights into the lives of many of the great frnetti within the world of 20th-century paranormal phenomena.

The Father’s machine afforded a look at linearity, the Gregorian calendar, perhaps even Bishop Ussher’s insistence that the world was created on September 21, B.

Asked who invented the chronovisorul, he replied: The Chronovisorul captures images of near or distant past in the form of holograms designed in a cylindrical space. Never made public the names of collaborators.

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