CSDatawarehousing-and -DataMining · CSCharp-and-Dot-Net- Framework · CS System Software · CSArtificial-IntelligenceReg. Syllabus. DATA WAREHOUSING AND MINING UNIT-II DATA WAREHOUSING Data Warehouse Components, Building a Data warehouse, Mapping Data. To Download the Notes with Images Click HERE UNIT III DATA MINING Introduction – Data – Types of Data – Data Mining Functionalities.

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Based on this view, the architecture of a typical data mining system may have the. The weights reflect the significance, importance, or occurrence frequency attached to their respective values. They notws be used to guide the mining process or, after discovery, to evaluate the discovered patterns.

That is, emphasis is placed on efficient and scalable data mining techniques. The aggregate value stored in each cell of the cube is sales amount in thousands.

cs2032 data warehouse and mining important question

Although this may include characterization, discrimination, association and correlation analysis, classification, prediction, or clustering of time related data, distinct features of such an analysis include time-series data analysis, sequence or periodicity pattern matching, and similarity-based data analysis. Specifically, knowledge should be mined by drilling down, rolling up, and pivoting through the data space and knowledge space interactively, similar to what OLAP can do on data cubes.

This specifies the portions of the database or the set of data in which the user is interested. For example, rather than storing ib details of each sales transaction, the data cw2032 may store a summary of the transactions per item type for each store or, summarized to a higher level, for each sales region.

It incurs some advantages of the flexibility, efficiency, and other features provided by such systems.

If a substructure occurs frequently, it is called a frequent structured pattern. Data mining systems notez also be categorized according to the applications they adapt. Transactions can be stored in a table, with one record per transaction. The discovered knowledge can be applied to decision making, process control, information management, and query processing.

In addition, it has all of the variables that pertain specifically to being a salesperson e. A spatial database that stores spatial objects that change with time is called a spatiotemporal database, from which interesting information can be mined.


Mining different kinds of knowledge in databases: Therefore, in this book, we choose to use the term data mining. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The AllElectronics company is described by the following relation tables: That is, it is used to predict missing or unavailable numerical data values rather than class labels. Automated Web page clustering and classification help group and arrange Web pages in a multidimensional manner based on their contents.

A semantic data model, such as an entity-relationship ER data model, is often constructed for relational databases.

Attributes of interest may not always be available, such as customer information for sales transaction data. Contents mainly for Engineering students of Anna University Affiliated colleges of regulation are providing CS Data Warehousing and Data Mining Syllabus, 2 Important questions, Video materials, Modal question paper, Anna university Question paper, Notes and some other available use of our site effectively.

Steps 1 to 4 are different forms of data preprocessing, where the data are prepared for mining. Suppose that you have the major stock market time-series data of the last several years available from the New York Stock Exchange and you would like to invest in shares of high-tech industrial companies.

These include efficiency, scalability, and parallelization of data mining algorithms. In this case, we can compute. The kind of knowledge to be mined: Let x 1, x 2,…. Specific data mining systems should be constructed for mining specific kinds of data.

cs data warehouse and mining important question

Typical examples of data streams include various kinds of scientific and engineering data, time-series data, and data produced in other dynamic environments, such as power supply, network traffic, stock exchange, telecommunications, Web click streams, video surveillance, and weather or environment monitoring.

BI Lecture Number 9. Upon receiving a message, the method returns a value in response. Such analyses typically require defining multiple granularity notea time. Parallel, distributed, and incremental mining algorithms: This site uses cookies. Suppose, as a marketing manager of AllElectronicsyou would like to. Additional cubes may be used to store aggregate sums over each dimension, corresponding to the aggregate values obtained using different SQL group-bys e.


Hi, Data Mining is similar to Data science. In other words, the running time of a data mining algorithm must be predictable and acceptable in large databases. This is botes to be the conditional probability P Y Xthat is, the probability that a transaction containing X also contains Css2032. There are many kinds of frequent patterns, including itemsets, subsequences, and substructures.

Vs2032 data streams have the following unique features: Rather than using statistical or distance measures, deviation-based methods identify outliers by examining differences in the main characteristics of objects in a group. Whereas classification predicts categorical discrete, unordered labels, prediction models continuous-valued functions. Typically, association rules are discarded as uninteresting if they do not satisfy both a minimum support threshold and a minimum confidence threshold.

First, a DB system provides a great deal of flexibility and efficiency at storing, organizing, accessing, and processing data. In addition, consider expert system technologies, which typically rely on users or domain experts to manually input knowledge into knowledge bases. What Motivated Data Mining?

In this section, we look at various ways to measure the central tendency of data. Suppose that the resulting classification is expressed in the form of a decision tree.

Because it is difficult to know exactly what can be discovered within a database, the data mining process should be interactive.

The design of an effective data mining query language requires a vs2032 understanding of the power, limitation, and underlying mechanisms of the various kinds of data mining tasks. Such information can be useful in decision making and strategy planning. Suppose, as sales manager of AllElectronicsyou would like to classify a large set of items in the store, based on three kinds of responses to a sales campaign:

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