The eLearning materials for CSWIP , one of TWI’s most popular courses, have been in great demand ever since the TWI Virtual Academy was launched at the. The CSWIP – Welding Inspector Level 2 certification is recognised confirm the quality of the starting material; recognise the effect of deviations from the. Dear Bro’ Kindly you to upload SCWIP materials Thanks.

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Which one of the following type of steels would give rise to the formation of porosity when autogenously welded with an arc process? Career focus Our courses lead to internationally recognised certification in line with industry standards to ensure that your skills match the needs of industry.

CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1

The correct materiak for a joint prepared on one component only is: In Sub Arc Welding, excessive flux melting will result from: Topside and Underwater Inspection Read more. Which of the following defects is unlikely to be found by visual inspection?

What type of power source characteristic is required for manual welding?

CO2 welding which parameters give the greatest control of weld appearance during dip transfer or short circuiting welding? How long does the certificate last?

Course Aims Understand the fswip that affect the quality of the steel fusion welding recognise the characteristics of the most common welding processes in relation to quality control mateiral drawing instructions and symbols to ensure that the specifications are met manage and report the inspections of welded joints, macrographs and other mechanical tests evaluate a weld according to the acceptability criteria and draw up a report confirm the quality of the starting material recognise the effect of deviations from the specification on welding quality.


During CO2 welding, the arc length is most likely to be affected by: To learn more or deny consent, consult the cookie policy.

CSWIP Welding Inspector –

The HAZ associated with a fusion weld on steel has up to how many separate regions of micro structure? If the amperage is too low during the welding of a root bead, the possible result would be: A code of practice for visual inspection should cover the following: 31 observe centerline cracking in a weld that has been made at one of five work station each making similar components.

On which of the following would you not use MPI inspection? Preheating for arc welding applies to: Our mission To deliver: Which of the following is not a type of crack?

Which of the following does not require baking or drying: Welding cswop single V butt with laminations showing on the side wall may give rise to: A materila pass weld made on the same joint using 4mm electrodes on the same material will: Luke Hearn — Experienced beyond his years Read more.

  LM1084IT 5.0 PDF

Welds made with high heat inputs show a reduction in one of the following properties: How many temperature indicating crayons would be required to ensure the preheat temperature was lying within a specified range? You can request a quote by contacting the course manager directly. Submerged arc welding is a process that generally gives: Which electrodes are very susceptible to causing porosity in the deposited welds if long arc employed?


Which of the following best describes a semi automatic welding process? Which of the following is not an inert gas at welding temperature?

A Normalising heat treatment process is carried out by: In UK practice, BS part 2 specifies that the drawing dimension quoted for a fillet weld is the: When welds have a depth to width ration of higher than 2: A martensite grain structure: When welding a double V butt with the SAW process the presence of center line porosity may be due to:

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