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Let us not forget: The american opinion about a country after watching 1 or 2 pictures, shows how much did they learn from S.

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This is a primitive, horrible, barbaric tradition that these people should be ashamed of. Si hay alguien que disfruta viendo los toros, que vayan.

I’m a catalonian guy, Catalonia is a unrecognized country near Spain. En cambio quieren acabar con el toreo y con ello con todas las familias que viven por y para el toro. A good way to try an understand it is to stand close to one of these bulls.

Se supone que ha ganado, no? The people against this sport also live in a fairytale world where we all love each other, eat only organic vegetables, and walk to our jobs in “sustainable” industries or drive there in our happiness fueled vehicles.

It is the word “sport” what bothers? It’s normal when yoy want people to argue put the most extreme photos etc. This is a myth propagated by those who want you to think that nature is kind.


While I don’t like seeing animals hurt or peopleit’s a very old tradition and the photos were brilliant. Off course your against bullfighting, the only thing they teach you is to be against everything that Spain does.

The Festival of San Fermin, – Photos – The Big Picture –

Al que no le guste esto que no mire This is disgusting and a real shame for a modern nation like spain. When there’s a big disaster somewhere who comes and brings food, water and medical supplies.

En este postcomo tu bien dices, se habla de una cosa en concreto: How can we explain killing bulls??? Many predators will kill for pleasure, and many herbivores will kill out of spite.

Do you ask the bull if it wants to be killed in this manner? Puntillero is than allowed to pierce bull’s spinal cord with a dagger, finishing it’s agony. What if that animal was your dog or your cat?

Sin embargo al toro parris lo humilla y se le masacra con total impunidad.

I would also ask them cuuida to not eat us. The party is incredible. Ojos que no ven La verdad me da pena de la gente que sale por la tele defendiendo las corridas de toros, lo cerrada de mente que puede llegar a ser una persona To all who yellin’ here to stop Bullfighting, I say this: At least they dont perpetuate the beef cows pain life circle. A los que criticais esto solo os quiero decir que, aunque os parezca brutal y sin sentido, estos toros son los que mejor vida tienen de todos.


It is a pity that a barbaric tradition is the only way to keep a race. I am a Spaniard. The abundance of generalization and logical fallacies by the supporters amaze me.

Indeed, we are all animals, and all part of the circle of life. I live in Barcelona, and like any other many people, I hate “the fiesta”. So don’t watch it, commies. But if you want americans to don a montera, enter the arena themselves and kill all the bulls and even the bystanders with gusto, just tell them the bulls don’t like Israel.

Ellos si que tienen cosas por oios que avergonzarse Brave advertising for socialized medicine, if so What about the guns in the States? Ever hear of a logical patis

If bulls weren’t killed pariw the bullrings, they would be killed somewhere else probably to be part of our dietthey wouldn’t be feed this good, wouldn’t spent days in the countryside, running free, before the corridas All together are stronger. I am from seville a I do not like cuifa, but we like it.

Si algun dia tengo la oportunidad tambien le clavare una espada a un torero y luego le arrancare los cojones para pasearlos por mi ciudad. No hay excusos numeros:

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