Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt. Txting: The gr8 db8. By: David Crystal. Rykia Clark, Taylor Timmons, speaking, when people text and what the long term effects of texting are on language. Txtng: The gr8 db8. By David Crystal. Oxford: Oxford University Press,. ISBN $ Reviewed by Naomi S. Baron, American University.

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The best part is probably the appendices with texting abbreviations in a dozen or so foreign languages. We seem to have a problem. And they must be yxtng.

Born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland inhe spent his early years in Holyhead. Entertaining enough, did not rock my world. The popular belief is that texting has evolved as a twenty-first century phenomenon — as a highly distinctive graphic style, full of abbreviations and deviant uses of language, used by a young generation that doesn’t care about standards.

David Crystal works from his home in Holyhead, North Wales, as a writer, editor, lecturer, and broadcaster. I do d8 think that ggr8 over the phone and face-to-face should be eliminated, but I find texting and using text talk to be a time saving communication tool.

I’m also aware, albeit tangentially, that the quality of student writing seems to be headed in the wrong direction in recent years, and I’ve been inclined to agree with those who blame that decline in part on the rise of text messaging. Feb 07, Joel Arnold rated it really liked it. Why all the fuss? In spite of this, David Crystal’s book remains fresh largely due to its central argument that much of what appears distinctive about the linguistic forms used in text messages is not an aberrant novelty, but part of a long-established phenomenon of linguistic innovation and language play.

I did not give a perfect score because I feel the book could have been shorter and had the same effect. Adding ample ammunition the gr88 txt db8t, Crystal’s book txyng well-supported pro-texting arguments, entertaining texting excerpts, and often not-so-entertaining lists and tables of texting usages in over 11 languages.

All the popular beliefs about texting are wrong, or at least debatable. He explores the ways similar devices have been used in different eras and discovers that the texting system of rxtng sounds and meaning goes back a long way, all the way in fact to the origins of writing – and he concludes that far from hindering literacy, texting may turn out to help it. Converting regular language into an alternate language requires creativity, good cdystal memory, and good motor skills.


Given that this book was first published inand has sat unread on my shelf since then, I expected that it would be outdated, and largely superseded by developments in technology.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 – David Crystal – Google Books

The focus is on language, but Crystal comments on social and cultural aspects of texting Txtng The Gr8 Db8 David Crystal The world’s best known linguist takes a hard look at txtng He comes up with some surprising and controversial conclusions Traces txtng system back to the origins of writing Fascinating, entertaining, instructive Illustrated with original cartoons by McLachlan. The average number of texts per GSMcustomer in was 0. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Didn’t talk much about the impact of texting on the developing world, but one can’t have everything!

Written in so slightly out of date. That was over three times as much as all Hollywood box office sales that year.

He definitely mined the research fields pretty thoroughly. And some even think it is harming language as a whole. The accumulated estimates indicated that over 3 billion people, half the world’s population, would have a mobile phone subscription by However, there was some lively conversation on how text speak has become a new popular way of communicating and a humorous outlook at the moral panics over texting and its ‘disastrous’ impact on education.

This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twittering about her love for Twilight characters. With the continued rise of social networking platforms that blur the distinction between text messages, online chat, and blogging, and with the move away from mobile phones with numeric keypads in favour of smartphones and tablets with touchscreens, the character text message may not be around in its current form for ever.

A trillion text messages may seem a lot, but when we set these alongside the multi-trillion instances of standard orthography in everyday life, they appear as no more than a few ripples on the surface of the sea of language. The book is an excellent reality check and a positive insight into an innovative communication medium.


My primary reservation about this book is the edition, which, at least in the trade paperback edition I have, is shoddily designed and reproduced. Do young people text as much as people think?

This is basically a scholarly paper arguing that texting is in fact a path toward greater literacy and not a collective slide into functional illiteracy. It defends the notions that languages evolve, dictionaries are more descriptive than prescriptive, and style guides demonstrate that the written word has no single template.

An unexpected defense of texting from David Crystal, who has enjoyed with a long, fruitful and distinguished career in linguistics–his Shakespeare’s Words New York: Working on a university campus, though, I’m certainly aware that the text messages are flying all around me all day long, and I want and need to learn more about the subject.

Young people who seem to spend much of their time texting sometimes appear unable or unwilling to write much else.

‘Gr8 Db8’ Defends The Linguistics Of Texting

His family moved to Liverpool inand he received his secondary schooling at St Mary’s College. Also, the statistics of who and how many people text will also be out of date. So I decided to pick up this book and learn more about texting from a professional linguist, someone who has invested a great deal of time to study texting habits and put it in a perspective of language use and development in general. The fact that research shows that text talk actually follows sentence form and structure tells me that these kids are practicing writing skills more frequently than ever before.

However, the book does not deal at all with the use of texting in online discussion forums, my own personal pet peeve. Text messages and instant messenger programs have spawned a variety of abbreviations and shortcuts that are sneaking into colloquial English. Selected pages Page 1.

Return to Book Page. Indeed texting is so widespread that many parents, teachers, and media pundits have been outspoken in their criticism of it.

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