Review by Kathy Parsons. Adoration is David Nevue’s first sheet music book. David has been selling individual sheet music pieces and. Sheet Music for my new album “Winding Down” is coming this fall but I’ll only be releasing a few selections at a time. So which songs do you want. Overcome. Music by David Nevue. From the solo piano CD, Overcome www. p. 3. 5 sim. 7 Overcome, David Nevue. Page 2 of 5. 15 sim .

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The internet is an irreplaceable tool for music promotion, but is it possible to build a music career in cyberspace alone? In this episode, we hear from solo pianist David Nevue, who built his music into a full time career just by creating an effective online presence.

A lot of ground is covered in this interview, so get ready to take notes! I think the best piece of advice was to create a large catalog of music and provide ancillary products.

Then, fine-tune your sales strategy and keep at it. Gee, kind of like real businesses do…. Another theme you hear everywhere — Find the people who love your stuff! I think this is the keys to the kingdom.

Good interview though I felt like I was listening to a sales seminar through much of it and not one selling music but books and assorted miscellaneous items. I was very much struck by a few things he had to say. For one, with very rare exceptions, no-one is going to buy tabulatur or sheet music of an indie artists music.

Secondly, the shotgun approach may work for him but, as I recall, the current lament is the glut of choices out there. Step 1, produce the best quality music you can for your genre and get it out there. Step 2, establish yourself as a trusted advisor where music in that genre is concerned. Web forums, blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace etc all play a role in this.

Step 3, cultivate that trust and in passing let on that oh by the way, I have this record out. Gain the hearts and minds and you get the dollars as a side benefit. Has this worked for me? Sadly nothing he said prompted me to listen to his music. Good ideas gets me thinking about long tail marketing techniques. Thanks for another great show. Thank you all for your comments. Nice to hear the positive responses! People can buy it… or not.

If it was, I did a very poor job of selling it. The point of the interview was just to encourage artists like yourself and to let you know that yes, it IS possible to make a career out of selling your music online.

It can be done. It takes time, hard work and persistence, but it can be done.

#055: David Nevue – Building a Music Career Online

You just have to be creative and find what works for you and your audience. If you have fans of your music who are amateur musicians themselves, this is another merch opportunity for you.

I commented on my impression of the interview and did not mean any offense. For you it works, for most? Best podcast since Jonathan Coulton. The polar opposite of Jason Van Orden, the snake oil salesman. Time to get busy. When it comes to indie music success, David is the real deal.


All of it is directly applicable to virtually any music career. Therefore, it is a MUST read for all indie bands and musicians. Kevin, Congrats on another great show ep I am the founder and prresident of Copy Cat Music — a music transcription and music copying company. If any of your listeners are interested in having their original music transcribed, I encourage them to get in touch with me. Copy Cat Music is run by peforming musicians who are aware of the financial situations artists may face.

With that in mind, we keep costs low. All The Best — Sheryl. David and Kevin — great podcast! Required listening for anyone looking to get their music in more ears.

How to play “Winter Walk” by David Nevue on piano

Keep up the good work! I have spent a lot of money on stuff though. My feeling about the music industry is this: The more things change the more they stay the same.

The people who know something are worth listening to. Selling a few thousand is not. For many artists, that would create a very nice income stream.

Those day are gone forever. It does take a certain amount of talent, but there are more artists accomplishing their goal of making a living from music than ever before. By the way, our podcast so free, so no need to worry about buying something.

This is the first CDBaby podcast I listened to and it was a great way to kick it off. I especially enjoyed the information about building relationships and knowing who your audience is. Having a pizza party and or having a conference on-line are great ways to accomplish just that. David Nevue is the real deal people! He knows his stuff and has been doing it a long time. It takes lots of hard work and time, time, and more time, and patience.

Hi Robert Lee King, the sheet music sales success might depend alot on what type of music people are searching for. So what I found regarding sheet music is that there are a surprising amount of people from all over the world very interested in piano sheet music, and in getting it instantly as a download. Hi, I know what David is saying is true in this whole interview.

I have been ran down for being a writer and author and songwriter many times over.

David Nevue sheet music to download and print – World center of digital sheet music shop

You do have to work hard at all you yourself believes in. I work in books and writing and songwriting and have albums and books and do articles in Newspapers as well and I have been working since and it has been most rewarding for me and I am not rich but I have so much going out there and one day believe it will support me down the line. This man worked hard and got it together and found his own way, it is paying off for him and I am so happy for him even though I do not know him.

My target audience consists of math teachers and math students. Yes, I wrote some math songs for my Calculus students. Marketing has always been my biggest question mark. Now I know how to do it! I need to find and join some appropriate chat rooms. Sometimes i wish i were a christian sheey artist too. Listening to this podcast was informative and relaxed. I found the comments of other artists to be be informative as well and a bit facinating as to how people responded.


It is pure laziness that has kept me from pursuing aheet hard copy, as I do not write or read music very well, and the compositions are frankly incredibly complex as in Ragtime style blues with bass, rhythm and melody going on simutaneously.

Any ideas about that? This has prompted me to re think my online strategies and educate myself so more. This podcast was not only very informative but it was a refreshing change to finally have someone who gave the information freely and with passion.

My daughter is an opera singer and it has been a challange to identify the market for her music and surprisingly enough every now and then a check shows up from CD Baby which is encouraging in of itself because it means that the ground work I have done is working. My biggest problem now is finding enough funds to produce another CD to keep this whole project moving forward.

But the ideas shared here are really great and I plan to look into employing more of them as a means to help generate that revenue for that next CD project.

Thanks for providing this information and I am looking forward to hearing more of these outstanding podcasts. David Nevue is the real deal.

As to the importance of sheet music…keep in mind that David, Steven and Philip are all pianists. People who listen to pianists tend to play piano themselves in a higher percentage than most other genres. And they want sheet music. Dumping all over the importance of sheet music says more to me about the critic than the artists who sell sheet music.

Fortunately, my label in Taiwan took the initiative and had a songbook created of more than a dozen of my piano pieces. Only about 30 more to go! HI Kevin and David, I would like to congratulate both of you on a fantastic and very informative and inspiring interview. I took down notes and listened really closely because David says what he has experienced and learnt first hand. David has built his career from the very start and explored so many different venues of the music industry.

It is from his many explorations that has let him to a highly successful career and inspiration for so many. I respect negue what David does because it takes tremedous devotion, perserverance, and great organizational skills to put together all that he does. David shows us that to get yourself really out there to the fans and vice versa one has to be very inventive and wear many hats: David in my eyes is a huge inspiration and also very helpful to others in assiting them along the way to provide info and encouragement to move ahead in this very competitive yet wonderful industry we all partake in.

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