The second book in the internationally bestselling Night Watch series—the powers of Darkness and the forces of Light grow closer to the past one th. . Day Watch: Book Two (Night Watch) [Sergei Lukyanenko] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second book in the internationally. Day Watch (Watch, Book 2) [Sergei Lukyanenko] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second book in the internationally bestselling.

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The Book disappears, and Gesar notices she didn’t write anything, she only erased things. The Sixth Watch Sergei Lukyanenko. Lukyanenko is a prolific writer, releasing usually books per year, as well as oukyanenko number of a critical articles and short stories.

View all 20 comments. Furthermore, once determined either Light or Dark, an Other must choose what specific powers they will borrow from the Twilight.

The sex scene written from a woman’s perspective made me feel profoundly sorry for any female sex wafch Lukyanenko has ever had. Suddenly Alice remembers him as one of those involved in the battle that left her crippled.

An Other can exist without being initiated as part of a Watch, lukyanennko independently capable of entering the Twilight and becoming Light or Dark. But then comes a shattering realisation: And so little people get screwed and life goes on. Each layer is lykyanenko different from the layer above it. Summoning my inner Jenny Trout, I’m going to summarize the essentials of the three parts of this book.

In the first, a young witch from the Dark falls in lukyanenkk with a magician from the Light. Anton’s research suggests that it is the Chalk of Fate and that it could be used by the Light to rewrite destiny, allowing someone to change the world to establish a new world order.

I am resisting the urge to watch the movies.

At the airport, both groups set up camp; the Night Watch tries to thwart the plane’s landing while the Day Daay seeks to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

The Night Watch, which is staffed by Light Magicians virtuousand lumyanenko Day Watch, which is staffed by Dark Magicians freedom-loving libertarian Second book in the series, featuring the ongoing struggle between “the dark” and “the light. This is probably because Vitaly is a more likeable character and the mystery surrounding his identity and purpose is intriguing and not easy to guess.


This is basically a continuation of the first book. Set in a modern-day Moscow, the epic saga chronicles the eternal war of the “Others,” an ancient race of humans with supernatural powers who must swear allegiance to either the Dark or the Light.

In post-Soviet Uzbekistan, the forces of good and evil are so impotent in the face of mass indifference that they save money by sharing offices. Only time will tell which side will prevail. They know about the lack of honesty in their respective Watches – and yet continue following the same leaders, continue following the ideologies they were raised with, continue sticking with their side and their rulers. It might be the Apocalypse. The movie entitled The Day Watch is not actually a film of this book.

Here we also get a trip to Scotland to find a real vampire lurking in the Edinburgh Dungeon tourist attraction, offering waatch foreign view of the familiar, but the middle segment, set in Samarkand, is more striking. Anton accuses Zabulon of indirectly arranging the duel between Igor and Alisa and blames Zabulon for the death of Makar, the young boy who drowned trying to save Alisa.

The first part was magnificent!

Review: The Last Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko | Books | The Guardian

Also, there are Anton and poor one-dimensional Svetlana, which seem to be one of those passive-agressive couples who are miserable but stay together to torture each other.

Bromfield’s English translation translates the Russian word ” sumrak ” [2] as “twilight”, although “sumrak” actually refers to a state of coming darkness in singular visible in one place, not the whole sky ; ” sumerki “, which would usually be translated as “twilight”, is its plural form. Others who lack this skill yet still manage to enter the Twilight are at an increased risk of being completely drained of their life and energy.

Hey, remember Part One? Once in Moscow and still acting on instinct, he registers his presence as a Dark Other with the Day Watch and proceeds to stumble into a series of seemingly accidental encounters with the Night Watch, often resulting in a Night Watch member dying.


Dec 16, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat This was a fun page book.

And peasants are always traitors by nature. The Others were the humans shamans, soothsayers, and wisemen from long ago who figured out how to step into the Twilight. In the prologue, a woman named Natasha visits a watcy and requests that she cast a spell to make the woman’s estranged husband fall in love with her again. Only a zero point magician can get to the 7th. Others’ auras have color in the Twilight as do their emotions and the magic that they manifest.

The coldest warriors

Zabulon takes on the form of a red, rock-skinned demon with horns and a tail, also with slits for eyes and a forked tongue. Angered, Egor leaves the roof, feeling misused but veering towards lukyanekno dark. My only reason I did not give the narration a lukyanrnko is there are a few moments the audio seems to skip or pause. Unlike the previous book, this is told from the Dark Ones’ point of view and by three different protagonists.

Retrieved from ” https: Zabulon notices that their planned operation failed because of Svetlana’s indecisiveness and, lukywnenko, leaves.

Recently his works have been adapted into film productions, for which he wrote the screenplays. A Mage recently reassigned to field work in the Night Watch, Anton Gorodetsky is tasked with tracking vampires who have been hunting and killing humans without a licence.

Love was pure delight, a fountain of wacth, sensual delights, and enjoying spending time together. Igor is cleared of all charges. The story shifts to Alisa Donnikova, a young yet powerful Dark Other, who leaves her house to attend a meeting with her comrades on the Day Watch.

Those of the Light believed it was their duty to help the weak and the helpless. Gesar reveals that Svetlana rewriting Egor’s destiny was just a distraction, and in the meantime, Olga rewrote the destiny of someone later revealed.

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