The end is nigh for the adventurous DEFIANCE trilogy by C.J. Redwine and before you round out your collection with a copy of Deliverance. Baalboden has been ravaged. The brutal Commander’s whereabouts are unknown. And Rachel, grief stricken over her father’s death, needs. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Redwine’s romantic dystopian adventure, which she began with Defiance (), continues at a brisk and well-managed pace.

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The pain of the characters is so amazingly described.

Recaptains » Deception by C. J. Redwine

Before I forget, I just have to mention the Cursed One. You are commenting using your Twitter account. ARG it just bothers me so much when books waste their potential!!!!! She is haunted with the overwhelming scent and flood of blood as Oliver, her Father and Melkin hiss at her within those nightmares. I’m so happy for the lack of a love triangle in this series because I loathe them.

Quinn and Willow are by far my favorite secondary characters. Becaue he’s the freaking bomb. Of course with this kind of a book Redwine just has to kill our feels with an ending. Amazing story from first page to last. There is a lot of heartbreak and I’ll admit, some moping on Rachel’s part but that’s pretty justified considering deceptoon far she’s come and what she’s had to do to get there.


Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine – The Coffee Life

The dual POV continues to be a challenge. I have been enjoying this series very much. They rock so hard.

Jan 12, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great characters, writing and story. View all 5 comments.

Aug 07, Olivia Duff rated it it was amazing. Please provide an email address.

It starts off, starts a chugging and then we are on full speed ahead. The Commander would he freaking die already is still relentlessly pursing them at whatever costs but there is a new threat that has them all on their toes and looking over their shoulder at every second. And that the things C.

This remarkable second instalment is definitely a page turner that has you wondering, guessing, crying out loud, ripping your hair out and your heart. Be the first to discover new talent!

Her nightmares are chasing her into the dsception, and all of the things that she has done and regretted are piling on her shoulders and she is only stuffing it down and not dealing with it. Books I need in my life, like, yesterday… Miss DreamyMarie.

I didn’t know it was possible to flesh them out further, but C.

Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But all that was just deceptuon, and I can deal with it. Never Too Old For Hiding your feelings does not make you strong it makes you stupid. Redwine is an incredible story teller and I found myself hooked into her world. Exclamation marks are my friends-always approved! J Redwine crafted them into even more beautiful characters. This goes to show how much of an exceptional writer Redwine is.


It made me feel all the feels for Rachel. The storytelling part of the book was perfectly executed, excellent pacing and tension that kept me reading long after I meant to stop.

Theses people used to think Logan was scum, an outcast of dirt on the street no one liked.

» Deception by C. J. Redwine

This brother-sister duo had gone through a lot of heartache and they aren’t readily accepted by the group and often time had to go through lengths to seek their approval, but I couldn’t help but admire their resilience in face of everything. Mar 11, Anna Reads rated it really liked it. Logan has these jars of glycerin and acid. Another thing I enjoyed about this book is how Rachel deals with grief.

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