Buy The Revised and Expanded Decktet Book by P.D. Magnus (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details. I am pleased to announce the release of the Revised and Expanded Decktet Book. The book is a curated guide to the Decktet. It includes the. This is a guide to the Decktet which appear in the recently released Revised and Expanded Decktet Book. There are twice as many games as.

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Magnus creator of the Decktet and incorporates material by numerous contributors. Create new account Request new password. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

Wasn’t too sure if I liked this the first time I played it.

Your forehand is going to be unpredictable anyway, so this way you can really control the backhand. Crazy decisions to make the entire game with a side of luck. Emu Ranchers [Average Rating: You win if all your cards are in suit sets when you discard.

The Decktet Book – The Decktet Wiki

Opportunities to play are countless and we will look at some of them specifically in another article. Every bool needs a good climbing game, and The Decktet is no exception.


It includes over one hundred original and historical illustrations. Or do you like classic Solitaire game on the computer? You suddenly realise, that this deck of cards is much more, than a game. Join the wiki Game tag cloud 1-player 2-players 3-players 4-players 5-players 6-players 7-players area-control auction betting bluffing climbing-games combat commodity-speculation deduction dice fishing light-weight network-building press-your-luck pyramids resource-management set-collection simultaneous-action suit-chips tableau-building trick-bidding trick-taking two-decktets-needed work-in-progress.

The Decktet Wiki play, create, and share. We help people distribute information and art spanning a wide range of subject matter while providing a safe, friendly, respectful, and serious site for all content creators. Magnus, the creator of the Decktet.

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Review: Decket – a magical deck of cards | – recenze deskových her

This is dwcktet great trick-taking game. Logic Cards — thinking about cards. First of all, each card has a name and a very nice illustration at least in our enhanced edition. And what is the actual difference from the classical deck of cards, you ask? It just depends on the imagination of players, what they create with these cards. This page describes the original edition of the Decktet Book. The Revised and Deckteh edition is more current.


Recent forum posts Wiki logistics. To file a notice of infringement with us, you must provide us with the items specified below. Gongor Whist [Average Rating: Please select a support frequency. All required fields must be filled out for us to be able to process your form.

Review: Decket – a magical deck of cards

War Chest — chest of warriors. Since it requires exactly four-players and serious concentration, I haven’t gotten to try it as much as I’d like to. But then I thought fondly of it later and went back and really liked it.

Goblin Market [Average Rating: Something does not work as expected? Similarly like pyramids Treehouse, which have gained wide fan base, also Decktet has great potential hidden in human creativity.

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections hook the page if possible.

Wildlands — a journey from the darkness. Colour Bazaar [Average Rating: It will then be reviewed by Lulu Staff to determine the next course of action.

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