Taylor Haupt Professor Adams December 11th Analysis Essay, first draft. Videotape In Videotape by Don DeLillo, we are immediate. Free Essay: Don DeLillo’s ‘Videotape’ is a short story of man who is absolutely captivated by some footage on the news that can be described as both, raw and. Videotape. By Don DeLillo. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is available in PDF and Microfiche formats only. You are currently viewing this article as a.

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Taylor, You did a nice job, especially in light of the fact that we had so little time to prepare for this essay. I wanted to do at least two drafts on this paper, since it is so open to interpretation.

But you pulled it off well, anyway. Grammatically it was very good, as well. Tuesday, December 11, Videotape analysis Taylor Haupt Professor Adams December 11th Analysis Essay, first draft Videotape In Videotape by Don DeLillo, we are immediate drawn into a story of a man who is clearly mesmerized by shocking footage on the news. The clip that is being shown over and over, revolves around a young girl with a video camera and the stranger in the car behind her.


As she is riding in the backseat of the family car, she innocently begins taping the man in the Dodge that is driving right behind them.

Don Delillo’s Videotape Essay

The man waves relillo the girl continues to tape. The videotapw that is watching this footage at his house cannot seem to draw himself away from it as he tried to get his wife over to watch it with him.

The several elements that figure importantly in this story include setting, theme, character, and plot. The setting of this story takes place in a car, on a highway, on what seems to be just an ordinary day.

Videotape By: Don DeLillo by Kelley T Olson on Prezi

This simple setting is important to the story because it makes the murder that much more shocking. The theme throughout this story seems to be how deilllo our existence can be.

The man watching this footage is obsessed with this idea. I know that if I saw something like that, it would definitely make me think.

The murder of the man in the footage was completely mind boggling and thought provoking because it was so unexpected. In this story, there are basically 3 characters.


First, there is the young girl. She was just the curious explorer in this story that ended up finding something unexpected. Then, we have the man in the Dodge.

Finally, there is the narrator. He wanted to know that other people were as impacted by this video as he was. The plot of this story was very intriguing. Right from the start, you could feel the suspense, and delilol kept you reading to videotapee what happened next.

DeLillo definitely used quite a bit of foreshadowing to keep up the suspense. By paragraph four, we know that a crime is going to happen.

Videotape | Harper’s Magazine

By paragraph nine, we learn that it involves a homicide. DeLillo wrote his story in a way that makes you feel as if you are right there with the narrator watching this footage on the news.

He used the elements of setting, theme, character, and plot to bring out a question to anyone that reads his story; can it really be over just like that?

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