DEMOLAY RITUAL BOOK PDF – Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. DeMolay, but not be. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Get this from a library! Ritual degrees and ceremonials of the Order of Demolay.. [ DeMolay (Organization). International Supreme Council.].

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An Officer directed to move X Z, moves directly forward from his station to the walking band, except The Councelors, Scribe and Treasurer will move by the most direct route to walking band, but around the pedestals or desks in their paths. Another suggested option riutal placing the Crown of Youth on a pedestal near the altar and having each desig n ated preceptor present his part within the candles.

At this hour also, the guests in homes and hospitals are preparing fo r the hour of rest. Attend to my brother at the right of the Master Inquisitor. I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of patriotism. A reduced officer corps was never intended to replace the full officer corps. C return to daises. When the rack hath broken his bones, return him hither and we shall see if it hath rent his spirit.

Mar takes one step backward away from Altar. Brother Chaplain, you will lead us boko prayer. Brother Scribe, are there any waiting to be initiated into our Order?

An Officer di r ected to move X Z moves directly forward from his station to the walking band, except: All Chapters are encouraged to work toward the complete ritual. Lights raised to full.

Stewards stand by candidates. They are strangers who demolay ritual book to become friends and Brothers in our work. Thou hast been surrounded by mighty friends, but now thou art alone. Z is the point on demolau walking band nearest the station of the Officer s being directed. Conic then, what is demllay answer now? Many of them have made the supreme sacrifice and have helped drmolay the blessings which we now enjoy.


We have failed completely, and you have been false to the teachings we have tried to make plain, if you still believe that your duties and responsibilities begin and end in the Chapter room; that you are a worthy member of this Order merely because you are punctual in attendance at our meetings, decorous in your conduct while among us, or proficient in the ritualism of our work. As a symbol of the setting sun and the eve of life emblematic of the night that ushers in the everlasting day. I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of filial love.

Where is the station of the Senior Councilor? They do not kneel demlay this point Orator leaves Triangle, goes to monument, faces West.

Into t his scene has been crowded much that, it is logical to assume, took place at one or another of the hearings which preceded it. Rotual they have not already done so in Third Section, Officers form outside Chapter room, enter and form triangle and assume stations.

Bring the prisoners before the Master Inquisitor.

C return to daises. Brother Junior Steward, you will remove the school books from the Altar. Inquisitor, thou dost well to name the wolf and the robber, for they are guises thou and thy wolfish, robber brotherhood wear when they despoil the prosperous and ambush the defenseless Certain explanatory phrases are placed in italics and in parentheses at the beginning of some speeches to indicate a suggested way to deliver the lines.

Demolwy we have already explained, our ceremonies are serious and sincere. The Senior Deacon has outlined briefly the purposes of our Order. The Orator should stand in front of the curtain, and at stage center to begin his lecture.

My Brothers, you knocked at the door of our Chapter as strangers. Sir Junior Inquisitor, your mandate has been obeyed. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, we humbly pray that Thou wilt look with favor upon our efforts to do Thy will during these morning years of our lives, that when the noontime comes we may look back upon a work well done. What answer canst thou make? Do solemnly reaffirm every vow I have taken, every pledge I have made, and every promise I have given during the progress of the ceremonies through which I have passed.



The Chaplain kneels at the Altar on both knees both hands palms down on the Holy Bible, body erect, and head slightly turned up; eyes may be opened or closed.

Brother Junior Steward, you will remove the school books from the Altar. You are beginning a symbolic journey about which you know little. Active DeMolays rise as Ch. To assist the Councilors in opening and closing this Chapter and to conduct candidates through the ceremony of initiation. We hope you will visit us frequently and enjoy this visit exceedingly. We deeply appreciate the interest which your visit proves and we know that it is no t inspired by mere curiosity. I promise that I will give to my country an unswerving allegiance, defending her honor with my life it need be, deemolay flag, my flag, and her cause, my cause, and that I will obey the laws of my city, state and nation.

The scene gradually lightens so that the characters ate discernible and fairly easy to recognize. All the Inquisitors may sit in the East or the M. Thou hast been all powerful, but now thou art impo t ent Thou hast been free, but denolay thou art in chains. They may be seated at a long table as described in Stage Set-up. Henceforth, you are bound to us by indissoluble ties in a fellowship for service and into that fellowship we welcome you most heartily.


When 2 P stands, 1 P sits down. The use of music in all DeMolay Ritual work is strongly recommended.

Brother Marshal, you will repair with the Stewards

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