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Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1) by Angeline Kace

The book lack a few things including the fragility of the writing in dialogues as well as descriptions. I also didn’t see Jaren as an important character — it seemed like he was just there to end the book This book was SO close to going on my ‘Abandoned’ shelf, but I forced myself to finish it because I don’t like to give up on books. It angelinf unlike any kave vampire book I descenfed read which was really refreshing. I cannot WAIT for the second book!! I am hoping that means that her and Mirko will be together in the end.

I love Brooke’s kick-ass powers! But that was the point — there was an obvious difference between the vampires who had lived much longer and the teenage characters, and that was done very well. Descended by Blood has left me yearning for book two. I enjoyed the characters and the love triangle that emerges out of the story. Just when her life was going along perfectly.

I went in with an open mind and a generally optimistic attitude due to the high starred reviews on Goodreads. Brooke calls her mother, tells her what happened and her mom is surprisingly calm when she tells her to go immediately to her Uncle’s house and they’ll take care of everything. It took me back to my high school days and my best friends, and how I would have done anything for them. Description Brooke Keller’s a high school junior who never spent much time living in one place.


I am looking forward to the next book in the series, and hope it continues on a fast paced thrill ride like this one. The point is that Kaitlynn risks for her friend. But you do not get to push me away and then stake a claim on me when another dog comes sniffing around.

He was very wishy-washy, someone Brooke can not rely on. Rather than going from a typical teenage girl to a potentially strong character that accepts the challenges ahead of her, she cries. Brooke went for the man with an incredible speed drscended strength and killed him. And is super easy to kill. Mar 26, Andrea rated it really liked it.

All I can say is whooo hellooo Mirko! More of that, less with the crying. Georgia [referring to said vamps southern accent]wanted to play games with me, I would knock her tiara off her head so fastshe’d get whiplash.

He is just the perfect guy and I’m completely in love with him.

Brooke kills this man. I can’t say I hy enjoy the plot, I did, just with Brooke being such a weak pushover I had a hard time keeping with it. This book was so much more than I expected.

descended by blood vampire born 1 angeline kace

So, I’m going back and forth. This also forces the victims to become vampires.

You just don’t know it yet. Can she stand up and become the one thing she fears? It kept me dying to turn the next page. I went into Descended by Blood knowing that it was about vampires. View all 4 comments. She learns vampires are real, and she has a much closer connection to them than she ever knew. The story is well developed and each character is perfectly defined. This novel was descendex soo well written and I enjoyed it immensely! She has done an exceptional job on this story.


When they reach him Brooke is instantly curious about him because he looks like a teen to so how is this teen going to protect her but everything is not what kce seems. Kaitlynn and Brooke could have easily been my best friend and I in high school. With little to no choices, Brooke leaves to protect those she loves and find out more about who she really is. I admit, I did roll my eyes a little at the development of the love triangle, though I had been warned by a bookish friend that there was one in this book.

However it’s easy to tell who they are from their function in the story and their personality, so I remembered it all like that. Even though this is thrown at her, she handles it well.

Working for the Mandroid

My Favorite Mirko Moments: Brooke is wicked freaked out and more than a little confused, after a angfline lion in the woods nearly attacked her and her best friend Kaitlynn. Descended by Blood proved to be fast paced, action filled start to a series that is full of promise. There wasn’t, for me, a big choice. The other drawback is the abrupt ending.

Descended by Blood

This book starts out action packed. One day while hanging out with Jaren the strange man breaks into Jarens apartment and attacks them and tries to kidnap Brooke. Then after an ‘incident’ forces Brooke to take drastic measures in self-defense against another person inside angelne compound- they leave to seek training from a very old and respected vampire Show a little compassion, her anegline life has been thrown out of whack.

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