Editorial Reviews. Review. PRAISE FOR SHERRILYN KENYON. “Kenyon is the reigning queen of the vampire novel.”–Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly. Dream Chaser is the third novel in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dream-Hunter series which is in turn a spin off from her popular Dark-Hunter novels. From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon The spellbinding Dream-Hunter series continues! Hades doesn’t often give second chances.

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Both the hero and the heroine were jam-packed full of sarcastic snark. New Orleans, Louisiana United States. There was some banter, the action was pretty good, and there were enough familiar secondary characters to keep it interesting.

Sorry if I’m sounding like broken record, but I loved it! Just like in Kiss of the Night, where we learned that not all Daimons are evil, in Dream Chaser we get to know the Dimme demons from a very different side.

Book Review – Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I thoroughly enjoyed every page. No wonder Hades had agreed to let him loose for a month. I am really intrigued by Jaden and really want him to get a story.

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That is the advantage of re-reading a series. Overall fans of the series will enjoy this story. If you liked the review do follow me at Chao, Keep Reading This part of the story reminded me a little bit of the short-lived TV series Tru Callingalthough if memory serves, Simone’s and Tru’s powers work quite a bit differently. Overall, this was a fantastic paranormal-fantasy romance story.

Dream Chaser

I mean, living friends. I am glad that I enjoyed it much more than the last book in the series Upon a Midnight Clear.

Most of his turnaround felt like it was being told rather than shown. He made a deal with someone named Jaden to give him his soul if Jaden would somehow make Zeus and Hades believe it cream he who drove the people insane instead of Satara. And in this book, Xypher gave himself up for Simone to keep her safe. Pronounced as Sim-moan Dew-buaw.


List of Terms Apollites — A race of people made by Apollo with the intention that he would one day replace Zeus. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

If they feel real enough for me I am convinced I will enjoy the story. Volvemos a los libros de esta saga que me gustan. In sorrow and rage over this, Apollo cursed all Apollites to die painfully on eknyon 27th birthday because that was how old Ryssa was.

She does the tortured hero very well. I ssherrilyn he has a huge amount of potential and I’m really hoping we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him. He was strong, compassionate, vulnerable, and capable of loving to an extent that blew me away! I personally would have preferred more focus on Xypher overcoming his past and learning to trust again, but instead we shereilyn him and Simone embroiled in a supernatural serial killer mystery which didn’t leave a lot of time for exploring his feelings.

I liked how he was so surly and untrusting, and how Simone slowly taught him to trust and to open his drfam to her, since his first love betrayed him, chhaser led him to being doomed to torture for an eternity in the underworld by Hades. The damned does turn out to be not so damned after all!

Kenyon lovers who are already familiar with the Dark-Hunter series. These Dream-Hunters are the only ones who can revisit the suerrilyn person more than once and usually stay with the same Dark-Hunter forever. We first get to know that Xypher was killed by the Dream-Hunter police beacuse he gave such nightmares to people that drove them to insanity.

Then the Daimons start chasing them in another car.

sherrilyb We also discovered what happened to a bunch of characters who had minor roles in the events in Devil May Cry and met an interesting new character in the powerful Demon Broken Jaden. I happen to have a life keynon a job. Although I thought Dream Chaser was one of the better books in the series, at least among the more recent ones I’ve read, it still had some weaknesses. He meets Simone and they end up shackled together and have to figure out how to get unstuck.


Instead, she usually lets them roll right off her as she keeps trying to reach him.

Dream Chaser (Dark-Hunter, book 15) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Xypher is a Skotos who had one month on earth as a human. So now they are stuck together for however long it takes to find someone to unlock them.

Comfort on this plane would only weaken him when he returned. She’s been able to see ghosts since witnessing the murder of her mother and brother, and even has one as her constant companion. I picked this one with only the intent of reaching Acheron’s book, but I finished it solely for it’s own unique fragrance.

The last few Dark-Hunter books were kind of so-so for me, so it was nice to finally find another story in this series that engaged my attention better. I think of him as a demon death dealer — like Acheron, he is very mysterious, and Jaden can make things happen for you, but always at a price.

I told you I was very easy to please. Man, I love surnames that spell different and pronounce different.! Blood, ghosts, death and evil. Sinceshe had placed more than kennyon novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. It turns out that there are quite a few Charonte demons living in New Orleans.

Simone is a very sweet, lovely young woman.

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