FORM DS This is a form, completed by a GP, Consultant, hospital doctor or specialist nurse, which enables someone who is terminally ill to claim Disability. This short brief is intended to help medical professionals and other practitioners understand the purpose and importance of the DS form and the impact it. There’s less form filling and the DWP will fast-track your application so you for your doctor or consultant to send the DWP a medical form called a DS

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Claiming Attendance Allowance if you’re terminally ill – Citizens Advice

Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. You can sign the form for them if they can’t sign it themselves – you don’t need to have the authority to act for them. Special rules for terminal illness. I have spoken to our GP yesterday and he said he is going to issue this form on Monday. Call us for free Find out more about our support line. Child abuse – advice and support Advice for people affected by child abuse.

This means you will be paid a higher rate of ESA and will not have to meet work-related responsibilities to keep getting the benefit in full.

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. I would make some copies of The DS to keep safe, and provide the original. If you don’t have a DS report from your doctor and the 6 weeks time limit is approaching, you should send the form anyway. It isn’t relevant to my situation. This is a form describing your conditions and treatments – you’ll need to send it with your Attendance Allowance application.


Special benefit rules for people with a terminal illness

This will be useful if you need to refer to them later. See Christmas opening times. For example, tell them how far and how fast you can walk before these problems start. Contact the helpline if you haven’t received a letter within 2 weeks – they will check whether a decision has been made for you. Hi rgt9, I am sorry to hear such bad news!!! Remember me Ss1500 your password?

Login Form Close Username. You should tell them you’re terminally ill and applying under the DWP’s ‘special rules’ – then they’ll know your application needs to be fast-tracked. Top links Making a will Child maintenance – where to start Complaining about social care services What does it mean to have power of attorney? Why wasn’t this advice helpful? Top ss1500 Getting ds100 visa for your spouse or partner Getting a visa for family and friends Staying in the UK frm a divorce If you’ve overstayed your visa or leave If you’re in the UK illegally After you get refugee status View all in Immigration.

Read helpful information for if you’ve been recently diagnosedyou’re living with a terminal illness or you’re caring for someone. You don’t have to wait 3 months for the PIP qualifying period to end.

Did this advice help?

There’s a quick application process for people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and aren’t expected to live more than 6 months. Professional Members We support both claimants and professionals. If you’re applying for Attendance Allowance for someone else who’s terminally ill, you need to ask their doctor or a specialist or consultant for a DS medical condition report to send with the form.

It doesn’t have enough detail. I can’t work out what I should do next. How long does it take to process a claim? Personal Independence Payment PIPwhich is for people aged between 16 and 64, who have a disability or health condition, and need help with daily living or getting around Disability Living Allowance DLAwhich is for children aged under 16 who need help because of a disability or health condition previously DLA was also for adults Attendance Allowancewhich is for people aged 65 or over who need help because they have a disability Employment and Support Allowance ESAwhich is for people who are ill or disabled and unable to work or need help to work Universal Creditwhich is for people who are on low income or out of work.


See the notes on page 8 of the form – they will tell you what you do and don’t have to fill in.

Check this box to be notified of replies to this topic. If it has been longer than one month, the top rate can still be fully backdated if you had good reason for the delay eg you were too ill to contact the DWP or DCS any earlier than you did.

What if I live longer than six months? Visit our Disability Living Allowance page for more information on this.

Top links Template letter to raise a grievance at work. Join our online community Talk to other people who are living with or caring for someone who has a terminal illness and share your experiences.

What is a DS Firm. Powered by Kunena Forum. The following user s said Thank You: Top links Housing benefit Making welfare work locally – Best practice research.

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